“Goolabumbulum bumblagoo, goolamumbulum blumooboo…” came the chant from the gallery, hundreds of burbling zif voices seventy feet up the sinuously curling wall. Orcam-oil torches flickered in the windowless dark, unnecessary for the dark-seeing zif to see, but lit for the effect, both visually and politically. This was not an occasion of levity, for assuming the status of the “amusing” race of “snail people”… Gungablub, for one zif, was no longer amused. The stars were right, according to zif’s spies among the white-shelled darble-caste magic-mutterers, Yig, and Bokrug, and even fickle Hastur gave signs that the zif race would be favoured in its endeavours, and only Gungablub dared to hope to lead the charge of rippling stomach-feet. His own tremblingly muscular foot, a rare birth in the crèche zif was raised in, itched to run along the shingle outside of Barbledrum, the Curved City of Shell, burbling praise to Yig and his fallen brethren, brandishing the tail-eating chakram in his shining fingers to drive it into Tuthoni flesh… “Goolabumbulum bumblagoo, goolamumbulum blumooboo…” Gungablub took in the soothing, sonorous sound and clutched his goolabalum, borrowed from the synagogue for this occasion, just in case. Ascendancy would be zif’s, and no zif could stop zif!

“Googalum, blumb gaboogle!” came a scratchy cry from the spiralled entrance from the underpassage beneath the Shell of All Stars. The hymn from the galleries stopped with a burp of astonishment, and seven hundred antennae-mounted eyespheres looked below at the intruder. Rippling with painful slowness on the nacre-tiled floor was an ancient zif, delicately thin, pale shell emblazoned with what must be seventy runes of all the colors of the spectrum, jarring in the orcam-smoky gloom. The sole fetchling aide-de-camp observing the proceedings translated this, less ecclesiastical conversation for his superiors at Shadowlight: “Hear me, you zif, it is I, Bwaluup Paleshell, guplup <experienced-one> of the shellrune order of the narble-caste, Scholar clan-buwub<prime-maker-of-young-zif> and by far, your better! What forces do you dabble in, dark-shell, that you know not of!” (and Gungablub then said) “Flabby whale-food, what do you here? Wriggle back to your corkscrew Tower of the Reaching Tentacle, and mutter to your dabblers in cast-off magic, with outcastes and foreigners! The time of the zif to arise and take their place is now, and Yig, The Undefeated, the great Feathered Serpent, will empty the ploolaboodt of the junk and toys and fill them with fierce stoneshells and disciples, to smash the Tuthoni as is our right! “

The ancient zif wizard shuffled forward, his astonishingly light grey eyespheres opalescent in the flickering dark. “From the insensate days of parasitic oblivion upon the appalling flesh of the Great Old Ones we rose, and you, overproud zif, have forgotten the communal mind of the zif people! You have submitted to hubris, like the decadent Strat Tuthoni of old, who in their turn had forgotten their oaths to <He> Who Sleeps Beneath the Waters!” You wish a taste of the Unknowable’s chaotic power? You shall receive it!”

The fascinated fetchling was riveted to his borrowed spot, for even on the unfathomable Plane of Shadow, in the moebian corners where madness was a physical substance coated in sentient porphyrite gel had he seen such a confrontation; the venerable snail-man Bwaluup pulled out from beneath his white, rune-encrusted shell what he believed was a magic wand or rod of some kind, but was extremely difficult to look at, like parts of it existed as coalescent, iridescent and seven-spectrumed light, and others, interchangeably, as holes into another universe- the old zif pointed the odd rod at Gungablub and bellowed “Foomunum!”… and at that moment, the powerfully-built zif warpriest flicked a grotesque-looking item at his opponent, some kind of flickering wad of gel…. And reality took a somewhat interesting turn…

The zif are a truly unique people, best described as snail-like, but fully able and very willing to interact with other, more humanoid beings. A shore-dwelling people, they arrived on the Patchwork Planet of Porphyra as diminutive mollusk-like creatures that were semi-intelligent parasites of the Great Old Ones, demidivine leaders of an otherworldly invasion over 3,000 years ago. When several of these great beings fell in battle to the Elemental Lords and their minions in the great wars that marked that era, the parasites consumed their physical forms and the strange energies found therein evolved and shaped them into the intelligent, trademinded, and inquisitive beings that they are today.

The zif have a great city, Barbledrum, on the shores of the Sea of Ithreia in Porphyra’s north, and are common in Freeport and the Bulwark of the Halfling Nations. They feel at home anywhere it is damp, including the Underdeep, and have established colonies in many parts of Porphyra.

Physical Description: These odd creatures have all the features one would expect from a semi-humanoid giant snail. Standing about 5 feet tall, they glide along on one muscular foot. This motion is powered by succeeding waves of muscular contraction which move down the centerline of the foot. A small, flat shield-like shell rests on top of this foot. They have a long, thin body with rubbery, tentacular arms that end in equally long and thin three-fingered hands. A larger four-foot diameter spiraled shell protrudes from their backs, much like a backpack. Their heads extend practically neckless from their torso and have wide and flat mouths filled with smooth, grinding teeth. Two bulbous antennas protrude from where their nose should be. Their heads are capped with two long eye stalks. Zif eyes are simple black spheres. The most remarkable aspect of the zif’s body is that it is entirely retractable, and fits snugly into the shell that they wear on their backs. When retracted into their shell, the foot shell fits neatly over the main shell’s opening providing maximum protection.

Zifs speak in gurgling voices and smell a bit musky, but not as unpleasant as one might expect. Their yellowish brown skin is rather slimy as it exudes purplish mucus that aids in movement and maintains the elasticity of their skin. Their shells vary in color and pattern, but are typically black, white, pink, or purple, in line with their shell-caste.

Society: The zif are a young race, if one counts their age in terms of sentience, but their existence as a biological species is far older and has deep repercussions on their society today. Forcibly evolved from the barely-animal level by the cataclysmic consumption of deceased god-like beings, zif brim with curiosity and powerful potential, and are more ambitious than one would expect of a mollusc-like race. Zif are hermaphrodites that can, if necessary, reproduce parthenogenically (without a mate) in a clone-like manner, two young at a time. Zif young (larvae) are treated much like human children until they can form their first shell, around 15 years of age. Larvae are raised more or less communally, and the idea of family relations is foreign to them outside of the caste system.

Zif are very flexible in terms of their social situations, being equally happy in a teeming city of their own kind, like Barbledrum, or as the sole member of their race in a metropolis of semi-mechanical cyborgs. This is likely due to their reproductive habits (see below) and to their intense curiosity about the world around them, which sparks and enhances their personal individuality, which can sometimes be subsumed when they are in groups, reverting to a group mind. Leaders among the zif change with the situation, whereupon the group seems to instinctively know who is the best member of their race for the situation. They do not seem to be prone to the “cult of personality” that other races join all too quickly.

The primary organization of zif society is the parbalumb, or “shell-caste” of an individual zif. The inclinations of a larval zif, guided by tentacle-communion and diet, colors the shell of a zif until it hits a rich hue of black (narble), white (darble), pink (vurble) or purple (murble). Each caste has a social role, and a spell-like power (see Zif Racial Characteristics: Shell-Caste Magic). Black-shells are the clerical caste, and can use detect undead. White-shells research and practice arcane magic, and can use detect magic. Pink-shells are the food-gatherers, and since the establishment of Barbledrum, the merchant caste, and can use detect poison. Purple-shells are warrior-caste, and follow martial careers, they can use detect secret doors. Zif politics, such as it is, revolves around the shifting alliances of these castes to one another, only acting in the case of a three-way approval, or a consensus. The darble-caste and vurble-caste are currently ascendant, leading to innovation and prosperity for the zif, whereas narble- and murble-caste strength lead to much progress (such as the downfall of House Strat in Tuthon) but high instability. Secondary to caste is the three-part classification of “clan”, that translates roughly into “Scholars”, meaning those with inborn racial knowledge (ie. the inborn knowledge racial characteristic), “Crafters”, meaning those who can manipulate the zif guu-forms, the basis of zif artifact manufacturing (ie. with the Goo-Crafter racial feat) and “Travelers” who typically live outside of Barbledrum (ie. those without inborn knowledge or Goo-craft). The interaction of caste and clan, and zif racial politics are quite beyond non-zif understanding, though the Lyvalian Patrons of Freeport have been diligent in their attempts. This septad structure means that the number 7 is sacred to zif as a race.

The zif city of Barbledrum, perched on the shores of the Sea of Ithreia, in the shadow of the iridescent Purple Membrane and not far from The Reversed Lands, is the pride and joy of the zif race. Though it is in all ways a city the equal of any other of its size on Porphyra, one gets the impression that it was made mostly to emulate the ‘leg-walkers’ that the zif live among, to assert their place as a race to be reckoned with. Buildings there are frequently broken down and rebuilt in forms and purposes brought to the attention of the Spit-Builders Guild by travellers to other lands, and that form and purpose is twisted in the unique zif manner, as one would expect a snail-being evolved from the carcass of a extraplanar being would interpret it. Zif come and go in waves from Barbledrum, and if any individual zif is questioned, most all would answer proudly with that location if asked “Where are you from?”
Enclaves of the zif outside of Tuthon tend not to be exclusive, though some of the habits of the zif may put off some more fastidious races. Snailtown in Freeport is actually quite a popular destination for those tired of the cloak-and-dagger politics of the place.

Relations: Zif are open-minded about other races on Porphyra. They judge other races on how interesting they can be, and zif have been known to study unspeaking dwarves at the hearth for days; the fetchlings and the skulks have modest guild-houses in Barbledrum. About the only race they have shown less enthusiasm for are humans, whom they think have an undeserved sense of importance. This may be lingering aloofness due to the skirmishes fought with the Stratian Tuthoni, or the millennia-old battles their precursor-forms remember with the Porphyran zendiqi (probably their least-liked race) but zif tolerate humanity while preferring literally any other race. Zif dislike hot, dry conditions, and avoid those lands and their peoples, such as the enigmon.

An unfortunate reality also is that zif dearly love the taste of orcam flesh, and the smell of their oil in ceremonial lamps, a rising problem in the eastern Sea.

Alignment/Religion: Religion has a particularly unique meaning to the zif, as their reason for being is the physical consumption of a deific entity! Zif worship, supervised by narble-caste in any zif communities, reveres the undefeated avatars of the Great Old Ones, in a rather specific manner. Chief of their gods is Bokrug whom the Zif call The Dreamer; all of Bokrug’s domains are open to their narble-caste. The Freeport enclave prefer Yig, the Feathered Serpent, the bravest of the Great Old Ones, though somewhat minor in their hierarchy. Yig has the domains of Chaos, Scalykind, War and Knowledge, and the subdomains of Protean, Venom, Tactics and Memory. Zif clerics tend to specialize in the Protean and Knowledge domains, but a contingent of warpriests of the War and Void domains lead the murble-caste in Barbledrum. Sects of worshippers of Cthulhu and Hastur are found in small numbers, and stick to the domains of Void, Dark Tapestry, Stars, Rune and Language, as appropriate for the Great Old One. It is not unheard of for zif to worship one of the New Gods (especially the Traveller clan), likely Ithreia or Lyvalia, but they have strong instincts against any reverence for the Elemental Lords. The Slithering Symphony of the proteans confuses them, as they all seem to be avatars of Yig to them, poor reflections of no consequence.

As might be expected for such an iconoclastic race, the most common alignment of zif is seldom chaotic, as might be expected for worshippers of the Great Old Ones, but Lawful Neutral. How this is possible while revering such determinedly chaotic and generally evil beings has baffled theologians for decades…

Adventurers: Zif typically adventure for two reasons: curiosity and trade. Merchants and wizards of their kind are found in far-flung places, often in concert, with merchant-caste and Traveler clan zif taking classes in alchemist, bard, or druid, for example. Martial classes among the murble-caste include many rangers and archers, and a surprising amount of gunslingers, as firearms seem to delight the zif. Narble-caste zif pursue clerical and warpriest occupations as listed above, and are quite proficient at the dually magical classes such as the mystic theurge, or other formats. Oracle mysteries such as Dark Tapestry, Lore, Sigils and Time intrigue the zif and draw them to explore their revelations. Witchcraft and sorcery are seen as dangerous pursuits best pursued by renegade white-shells outside Barbledrum proper, in small villages, and whereas nearly any patron can be represented. Bloodlines are few, relics of their association with the Great Old Ones.

Names: (Zif are hermaphrodites; they use the pronoun “zif” instead of “he” or “she”) Burbulot, Drumblum, Lorbalob, Propolop, Quaqaqualog, Amblap, Walapalag, Gloobom, Goomog

Age: 15 years / +1d4 years / +1d6 years / +2d6 years
Age Categories: 80 years / 90 years / 100 years/ 100 + 1d20 years
Height/Weight: 4’5” / 100 lbs / 2d6” / x5 lbs.

Zif Racial Characteristics
Zif player characters are defined by class levels—they do not possess racial hit dice. All zif characters possess the following racial characteristics.

  • +2 Intelligence, +2 Wisdom -2 Strength: Zifs have exceptionally keen intellects and instincts, though they have scrawny bodies.
  • Snail-Bodied Aberrations: Zif are bizarre snail-people of the aberration type. They have darkvision up to 60 ft.
  • Medium: Zifs have no bonuses or penalties due to size.
  • Slow Speed: Zifs move at base speed of 20 feet.
  • Inborn Knowledge: At first level, zifs gain an additional skill rank which they must apply to a Knowledge skill. This Knowledge skill is always considered a class skill for this zif.
  • Odd Anatomy: A zif cannot equip items to its feet slot, as it has no feet. However, the zif can wear one additional belt slot item. As it has a non-humanoid form, most armor for zif will have to be specially made, costing double the listed price. Incidentally, ophiduan scale for semiferum ophiduans fits zif perfectly.
  • Protective Shell: A zif can pull its entire body into the shell on its back as a standard action to avoid most damage. While inside the shell, the zif is blinded, paralyzed, and gains DR 5/—. While in the shell, the only action that a zif can do is come out of his shell as a standard action, which ends the above effects immediately.
  • Shell-Caste Magic: Zif are assigned a caste when they mature, that gains a constant spell-like ability (the caster level is equal to the zif’s character level). Choose from one of the following: detect magic, detect poison, detect secret doors, detect undead.
  • Sucker Foot: A zif gains a +4 racial bonus on Climb skill checks, and suffers a -4 penalty to Acrobatics checks to jump. In addition, it gains a +4 racial bonus on its CMD versus trip and bull rush maneuvers.
  • Languages: Zif begin play speaking Common, and their racial language, Zif. Zifs with high Intelligence scores can choose from any language available to the core races.

Alternative Racial Characteristics
Below is a selection of racial traits that could be selected by zif characters in place of the specified racial characteristics listed earlier.

Enclave Defender: Many zif are intensely trained to defend their colony with waves of arrows of various forms. Enclave defender zif count all bows as proficient weapons, and all weapons with the word “zif” in their title. This replaces inborn knowledge.

Flavalum-Shell: Zif refer to the subterranean flail snails as flavalum, and see them as close kin, admiring them for their artistic contemplation. Some few lucky zif have elements of these distant relatives, and have the following ability: there is a 30% chance that a spell targeted specifically at such a zif will fail (7-9 on d10) and a 10% chance that it will be reflected upon the caster (10 on d10). Such flavalum-shell zif suffer a base 30% spell failure chance, whether arcane or divine, which stacks with armor penalties, if they apply. This replaces protective shell.

Front-line Conscript: Some parthenogenetic offspring are quickly produced to man the outer defenses of Barbledrum’s territory, sacrificial drones to the greater cause. These zif gain +2 to armor class against humans, and +2 to combat maneuver checks to grapple human subtype humanoids. Parthenogenetic conscripts have muddy grey shells. This replaces shell-caste magic.

Integrated Zif: Expatriate zif may have never seen the home-city of Barbledrum, and don’t have a problem with it; humanoids are so interesting! Such zif gain a +1 bonus on Bluff, Knowledge (local) and Sense Motive checks. This replaces inborn knowledge.

Magical Researcher: Mystically minded zif attempt to reach beyond the veil to acquire magical secrets they believe themselves heir to. Such zif gain a +2 racial bonus on concentration checks made to cast arcane spells defensively, and must select from the following languages if they have exceptional intelligence: Aklo, Aboleth, Aquan, Draconic, Elven and Old Porphyran. This replaces linguist.

Parasitic Throwback: You have more in common with the strange parasites that lived off the awful beings that were the Great Old Ones; you are outcaste, have a green shell, and can use psychic leech as a spell-like ability once per day, with your caster level equal to your character level. This replaces shell-caste magic.

Outcaste: Due to some flaw in your lineage or upbringing, you have been rejected by all four castes- your shell is a dull brown and you are outcaste. Outcastes gain a +2 racial bonus on Appraise and Perception checks to find hidden objects (including traps and secret doors), determine whether food is spoiled, or identify a potion by taste. These two skills are always considered class skills for those zif taking this racial characteristic. This replaces shell-caste magic.

Tremblefoot One: Particular spawn-line of zif have inherited a certain musculature that allows them to move more nimbly through mud and shingle when required. Tremblefoot zif can move through natural difficult terrain at their normal speed while within 30 ft. of water. Magically altered terrain affects them normally. This replaces inborn knowledge.

Race Traits for Zif
These traits are specifically designed for zif PCs, unusable by other races.

Zif Adventurers
Zif adventure for many reasons, and are content to spend their lives doing so, as the instinct for “home and family” is not part of their psyche. They are loyal to and proud of their caste and clan, and whatever they can do to bring honor and glory to those organizations supersedes all other motivations. Zif also have an instinctual reaction to incursions of alien beings related to or loyal to the Great Old Ones, and seek to purge or thwart them- the Great Old Ones are worthy of worship and appeasement, but the zif certainly don’t want them to return to Porphyra and unleash a reign of endless night and terror! Zif are curious and willing to try anything, so they can be found almost anywhere, trying almost any profession or pursuit, though they very strongly favour spellcasting classes over martial ones, unless the martial class has some provision for cleverness. Each adventuring class is divided into one of the specific castes.

  • Alchemist (Vurble-caste): A popular occupation, using various shore-plants and interesting compounds. Zif alchemists are a common sight in many Porphyran communities, somewhat preferring selling to adventuring.
  • Arcanist (Darble-caste): Though arcanists are outside the shellrune elite, their magical power is undeniable and their eccentric cadres within the caste are often an opposition group.
  • Barbarian (Murble-caste): Quite rare among the zif, seen as remnants of the madness of the ancient invasion. Some few use guu-greatclubs.
  • Bard (Vurble-caste): Very popular occupation, many zif joining the shellsinger order and establishing profitable enterprises funded by an adventuring career with non-zif.
  • Bloodrager (Outcaste): Extremely rare, a colony of renegade bloodragers is thought to have been established on the borders of the Reversed Lands.
  • Brawler (Outcaste): Though relatively weak, zif brawlers use their shells to some advantage, and employ dirty tricks to win their fights and find food; most are feral shore-wanderers.
  • Brujo (Outcaste): Zif brujo are held to be overcome by race-memories of being parasites of the Great Old Ones, and are as such taboo to be interacted with. Most follow the fleshtwist cabal.
  • Cavalier (Murble-subcaste): Zif cavaliers must be of the beast-rider archetype, and take a giant slug as their “animal companion”; those who can ride form the elite zif cavalry.
  • Cleric (Narble-caste): The black-shells constantly quarrel about the ascendancy of one or more of the Great Old Ones they pay homage too, and rarely move among the populace to give aid. Those that revere the New Gods are gaining some popularity for their zifitiarian work.
  • Druid (Narble-caste): Zif druids are the races’ connection to the world that is Porphyra, a still debatable issue since the failure of the Great Old Ones’ invasion. Of the narble-caste but not controlled by it, zif druids cultivate moss upon their black shells as a sign of their separateness.
  • Fighter (Murble-caste): Barbledrum maintains several battalions of warriors at the ready, most with slings and guu-bolts to mow down attacking forces. Stoneshells are their elite leaders.
  • Gladiator (Non-caste): Some zif have been captured or enslaved and put in the arena as an exotic opponent in the games. Such action would be looked upon rather dimly by the zif collective.
  • Gunslinger (Murble-caste): Firearms are hard to maintain in Barbledrum, damp as it is, but a select few zif gunsmiths are attempting to make it more popular using guu-formed bullets.
  • Hunter (Narble-subcaste): The close communion with nature that hunters enjoy seems all to native-Porphyran to zif sensibilities, but the black-shells value them as spies, messengers, and wet-work zif for tasks they are too busy to pursue. Most keep giant slugs or frogs as companions.
  • Infinyte (Outcaste): Such an individual destined to be a hero of the Balance must seek zif’s fortune in the wider world, so as to not bring the wrath of Law and Chaos down upon the zif people.
  • Inquisitor (Narble-caste): The militant arm of the blackshells, most follow the domain of Void and make the populace at large commit no heresies such as being too interested in Elementalism.
  • Illuminati (Darble-caste): Seen as an oddity and an amusement for the zif public, the Brotherhood of the Illuminated (or, the Zifhood, if you will) has a surprising amount of sway in the politics of the zif nation, and the darble are not unaware of their power.
  • Investigator (Vurble-caste): Zif investigators counter the efforts of narble agents, and have a lot of success in the world at large, bringing home interesting lore to their shellrune masters.
  • Kineticist (Outcaste): Kineticism is far too reminiscent of Elementalism, and elicits an instinctual negative response from zifs at large; any practicing zif kineticist would have to become a shell-for-hire and risk being declared an outlaw, as well as an outcaste.
  • Magus (Murble-caste): Forbidden from book-shell use, zif magi are an arm of the military that are tolerated as a counterpoint by them. Most use light blades and practice militant magic in secret.
  • Medium (Narble-subcaste): Supressed and manipulated by the blackshells, the disciples of Yig see the value in mediums, but the zif psyche does not lead itself to the cult of personality, and those who channel ancient spirits are seldom welcome among the zif.
  • Mesmerist (Vurble-subcaste): Tolerated by the merchant class, mesmerist zif have their uses, and often strike out on their own if the mercantile business gets too boring.
  • Monk (Murble-caste): Zif monks are the teachers of the way of shell-fu, and lead dojos throughout Barbledrum. Many are ki mystics or qinggong but are seldom seen outside of zif enclaves.
  • Occultist (Darble-subcaste): Not particularly trusted by the shellrune elite, the occultists’ skill with items not of guu-make strike the zif as exotic but unsettling; they typically wield metal weapons in a guard-duty capacity in zif strongholds.
  • Oracle (Narble-caste): Seen as being touched by beings from Beyond, zif oracles exist almost outside zif culture, but sacred nonetheless; all mysteries but Fire, Nature, Metal and Wood are represented, Apocalypse, Battle, and Dark Tapestry are common.
  • Paladin (Outcaste): Zif paladins are extremely rare, arising from the ranks of other castes- or from outcaste zif when a great evil arises to threaten the zif race.
  • Psychic (Darble-subcaste): Studied and manipulated by the wizard orders, the shellrunes will tolerate little psychic magic to usurp their power, but recognize traces of the Great Old Ones in their practice, and the wizards find too tempting to pass up. Widely spread through the clans.
  • Ranger (Murble-caste): Elite protectors of the borders of zif regions, zif rangers almost always take humans as their favored enemy, seeking to repel the Tuthoni; they typically use missile combat style, being staunch users of goo-bolts in their guu-slings.
  • Rogue (Vurble-caste): Those zif who are relegated to secondary roles in zif trade missions develop acquisitive habits, typically out of jealousy. A zif is expected to turn over ‘acquired’ goods to his shellsinger superiors, though a certain cut is tolerated. Some outcastes also turn to thievery.
  • Rook (Vurble-caste): An acceptable merger of skullduggery and magic, zif rooks are at least entertaining to other zif, and have a secondary role as guide to non-zif in their cities.
  • Runecaster (Darble-caste): A well-respected co-caste of the whiteshelled shellrunes, cadres of runecasters patrol the walls of Barbledrum, endlessly covering the surface with eldritch runes.
  • Runereaper (Murble-caste): More common than barbarian fighters, the mystic runes of their order within the military appeal to zif sensibilities, and afford the runereapers a special place in their ranks, even acting as bodyguards to blackshell clerics.
  • Shaman (Outcaste): Zif shamans have rejected the blackshells’ reverence for things otherworldly, and have embraced the natural world of Porphyra, and the spirits that dwell in it. Many dwell in warm swamps in Tuthon and Hesteria, leading hermetic lives and following inscrutable agendas.
  • Skald (Vurble-caste): Zif skalds are known for not being very talented, but much appreciated by their white-shelled fellows, and the zif at large that serve with them. Zif songs sound a lot like a bubble bath in a mud pit.
  • Slayer (Vurble-caste/outcaste): Somewhat heedless of caste, and often pursued by out-caste zif, zif slayers roam where they will, defending the interests of the zif and disposing of threats.
  • Spiritualist (Narble-subcaste): Zif spiritualists are a rare and desirable subcaste of the ruling cleric elite, their connection to the Ethereal Plane holds the other zif in awe. The de facto leader (as zifs count such) of their faction is often a spiritualist, with a phantom resembling a Great Old One.
  • Sorcerer (Darble-class): Though weaker than the wizarding branch of the caste, zif are not about to deny the usefulness of their spontaneous sorcery. Bloodlines are limited to including the aberrant, flumph, flail snail, protean, starsoul, starspawn and time bloodlines.
  • Summoner (Darble-class): Zif summoner are careful and anxious zif, useful in many capacities but afraid of the potential for strange beings from Beyond to invade; their eidolons Zif eidolons always end up being of the aberration type.
  • Swashbuckler (Outcaste): Zif swashbucklers are free spirits of that race, soldiers of fortune in and around the Sea of Ithreia. As they are not a particularly fast or agile race, there are few zif swashbucklers in local tales.
  • Warpriest (Narble-caste): The disciples of Yig are the elite class of clerics for the zif, though they spend much of their time angling for ascendancy among the priestly class. The disciples of Yig are expected to lead the forces of the zif against any who would oppose their race.
  • Witch (Darble-caste): Those zif not tolerant of domination by the shellrune order pursue witchcraft, which is perilously close to heresy in zif culture, and always on the brink of forbiddance; typical patrons are Dimension, Ethereal, Nightmares, Stars, Water and Time.
  • Wizard (Darble-caste): The powerful shellrune order leads all cabals of wizards in zifdom, and all other wizardly pursuits are seen as dabblers; Crafter-wizards of that clan play a secondary, though pivotal role in zif society.

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