Zelasindrillis the Unplaced Harmony
The Lord of Spaces Between
Worshipers: Bards, flyers, illuminati, wanderers
Alignment: CN
Domains: Air, Chaos, Magic, Travel
Subdomains: Exploration, Protean, Wild Magic, Wind
Favored Weapon: Composite longbow
Favored Creature: Dragonfly
Favored Instrument: All


More than genies, more than dragons, more than the beasts of the air hold sway over the skies, that much is held true now. Before the Calling none questioned the power of the elementals that ruled the air, but a lesson would be learned to bury that presumption, and during the time of the NewGod wars, the skies were ruled by much more than Qarryn’s flying cities. It began with a haunting song carried on the breeze of an errant wind, a song that grew louder without any apparent source, a song of voices, of scales shifting against scales, and of wings beating against the ether. The first city to fall –now a windscarred and lifeless ruin– was Tel’Egaric, at the time one of Qarryn’s military outposts in the eastern Siwathi desert. With only that song as a warning and a declaration of war, Zelasindrillis the Unplaced Harmony manifested with its army of winged proteans, a silvery, six-armed imentesh wearing a keketar’s crown and bear ing a pair of longbows and black, burning arrows.

Screaming songs of vengeance, the Unplaced Harmony’s forces darkened the sky with their wings and blotted out the sun with their storms of arrows. For years they helped grant supremacy of the skies to Deist forces, though they pointedly avoiding directly fighting alongside them. This aid was especially aimed against the followers of Kurofu in the east, and against the otherwise unchallenged ocean-going supremacy of the forces of Poison-Wave and Ice-Tyrant. And then one day they were gone, drawn back to Limbo, with only the stories and their songs to remain behind, as well as the promise to again blacken the sky should the world fall into stasis.


Not only popular among the erkusae, the cult of Zelasindrillis remains popular among tengu and humans. Most converts first encounter the church through stories learned from the tales and songs of travelling bards. Firmly associated with wanderers, bards, and flying creatures, Zelasindrillis’s faith is not one of churches, not one of cathedrals, not one of rites and liturgy, but one of laughter, song, and –in this age– joy.

The ranks of the clergy themselves are heavily biased towards those descended (or claiming descent) from one of the original imentesh proteans in the service of the Unplaced Harmony, often bearing some physical mark of this descent. Tengu adherents often sport silvery feathers, both natural and dyed, and very pointedly seek to buck the continuing hold that Kurofu the Shadow holds over many of their people, often to the point of infiltrating the Madbird cults to destroy them from within.

Spell Preparation Ritual

Give thanks to the Lord of Space Between by burning a small bit of incense not within the confines of a structure, but into the open air. Sing or play music in a high place, feeling the wind upon your face and knowing the freedom and grace of the open, limitless sky.

Religion Traits

The following traits are available to followers of Zelasindrillis:

Pain Upon the Wind: Call down a rain of arrows upon your enemies, sowing pain, discord, and confusion in the wake of your passing. You gain proficiency with the composite longbow and once per day you gain a +1 trait bonus to attack and damage using this weapon.

Voice of the Spaces-Between: The spaces in-between echo with the sounds of music from the lips and hands of the Unplaced Harmony’s imentesh servitors. You gain Perform as a class skill, and once per day you may use your Perform skill bonus in place of another Charisma based skill.

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