Y’Tinasni the Inchoate Exultation
The Lord of Madness, The Formless Glimmer
Worshipers: Artists, astrologers, madmen
Alignment: CN
Domains: Chaos, Madness, Water, Void
Subdomains: Insanity, Oceans, Protean, Stars
Favored Weapon: Morningstar
Favored Creature: Jellyfish
Favored Instrument: Bagpipes


Alone in this among her kind, Y’Tinasni the Inchoate Exultation has never physically manifested upon the face of Porphyra. Unlike her lesser kindred, the Lord of Madness instead reaches out to receptive minds and those who –in their vanity, ignorance, or desperation– call out to her, having seen her name whispered in their dreams or penned, emergent in the Pareidolia of the randomness of the world.
Less coherent in form than her kind, befitting her title as The Formless Glimmer, Y’Tinasni appears as a golden mass of incorporeal serpents, wriggling, reaching, singing, and devouring one another. Daring to look upon her majesty, distinct shapes gradually emerge inside of the mass: a serpentine face, a heart, and a brain, all like mobile organelles in some great amoebic whole.

Distant and uncaring as she may be, the Inchoate Exultation turned her attention in erratic fashion to the Material World time and time again through the ages, and the signs of her presence vastly predate any of her kindred. In the oldest corners of Erkusaa, in inundated ruins in the Lost Sea, and the deepest caves below the glaciers of the Eternal Ice, ruins betray her touch long before the rise of the Elemental Lords. There, penned in stone wait the stanzas of a bizarre mimetic liturgy that draw the willing to her notice. Those who seek her touch, whatever power they gain, are never again the same person. Corrupted by her grace and whispering madness, their patron corrupts not out of malevolence, but through an alien presence that mortal thought processes are entirely incapable of fully comprehending. Their minds change to accommodate, but only to a certain point so long as they reside within the flesh.


Among the most remote and alien of the powers of Chaos, virtually no temples exist in service to Y’Tinasni with the exception of a number of small shrines in Erkusaa. Whatever her desire, she still sings from the depths, calling to those few that listen. Speaking to themselves in sing-song rhyme, they wander the world, listening to distant alien voices bubbling within their mind, tasked with inscrutable errands. As a power of madness, there are no formal texts or strictly defined ritual practices, and every worshipper of the Formless Glimmer seems to possess a unique and personal connection with her. The only constant are the seizures, periods of bizarre aphasia, and the certain descent into insanity that her devotees undergo in exchange for her touch.

Spell Preparation Ritual

Seeking wisdom in the unformed and unfathomable, prayers are whispered while gazing into a vessel of water into which spirits or oil are then mixed. In the swirling chaotic mix of the immiscible, meaning emerges from meaninglessness.

Religion Traits

The following traits are available to followers of Y’Tinasni:

Fluidic Thoughts: Your unstable mind bubbles with bizarre rhythms, throwing off external influence. Once per day you may re-roll one Will save, but you must keep the results of the second roll even if the result is lower.

Moved By Alien Currents: Seized by strange instinct, your body seems to flow more so than move. Once per day you gain a +4 trait bonus to your initiative roll.

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