Physical Description: Xesa appear as chubby, hairless men with white skin and a pink line bisecting their entire bodies. Their eyes are bright green, turning to red when their Time of Division comes upon them. Physically, they combine the characteristics of plants and animals, requiring no more light than other humanoids, and eating an omnivorous diet; they smell of earth and plants, having the racial characteristic of mimicking their environment, an innate ability. Their blood is greenish and thick, and their large ears have a leaf-like look to them. Wide grins and folded arms are a classic posture for them. The Undivided, the ruling non-reproductive caste, are typically a little taller, with no membrane line, and tend to scowl at all petitioners.

Xesa Racial Characteristics1
Xesa characters are defined by class levels and have the following racial characteristics.

  • +4 Intelligence, -2 Wisdom, -2 Strength: Xesa are intensely curious beings with a need to know everything; they lack the sophistication to apply that knowledge, however, and their plant-like nature precludes great strength.
  • Plant-like Humanoids: The xesa are a race of humanoids who share their lineage with a species of carnivorous plants. They count as humanoid (human) as well as plant for all spells, effects, and class abilities.
  • Medium: Xesa are medium creatures with no penalties or benefits due to size.
  • Slow Speed: Xesa rarely hurry, content to amble around and enjoy the scenery. They have a based speed of 20, but this is never modified by armor or encumbrance.
  • Low-light Vision: Xesa can see twice as far as a human in conditions of low light.
  • Xesa Immunities: Xesa are immune to paralysis. polymorph and poison. Additionally, they gain a +2 racial bonus to resist mind-affecting spells and effects.
  • Cold Vulnerability: The xesa are humanoid plant hybrids native to the tropics, and take an extra 50% damage from cold attacks and effects.
  • Pheromone Effects: Xesa have developed extraordinary powers based on their ancestor-plant’s ability to generate pheromones to defend itself and attract prey. They may use sanctuary and eagle’s splendor 1/day, at a caster level equal to their hit dice.
  • Scentless: When not generating pheromones, xesa give off a smell that matches their local natural environment. They cannot be tracked or detected using the scent special ability. This ability does not work underground or in cities.
  • Treespeech: Xesa have the ability to converse with plants as if subject to a constant speak with plants spell.
  • Languages: Xesa begin play speaking Common and Sylvan. Xesa characters with high intelligence scores can choose from the following: Boggard, Elven, Polyglot, Terran, Treant, and Vegepygmy.

Favored Class Bonuses

  • Gunslinger: Reduce the misfire chance for one type of firearm by ¼. You cannot reduce the misfire chance below 1.