Wintry Lullaby (Sing, String, Wind)
Your song from the Wintry Hymns invokes the peace of winter’s chilly em¬brace, of the faint hope that the frozen might be thawed later. The audience loses their fear of cold and death as they hear your tranquil notes.
Prerequisite: Perform (dance, sing, wind) 3 ranks.
Cost: Feat or 1st-level bard spell known.
Effect: One target creature’s body becomes sluggish while it is within 60 feet. The subject gains resist cold 10. In addition, the subject becomes immune to bleed effects, and automatically stabilizes if at negative hit points. How¬ever, the subject also becomes sleepy, taking a –2 penalty on initiative checks, Perception checks, and saving throws against sleep effects. For every 4 ranks you have in a prerequisite Perform skill above 3, increase the cold resistance by 5 and you can affect an additional target. This performance has audible components.
Use: 1 round of bardic performance per minute.
Action: 1 standard action.