Uliun: This rust-red metal is a liquid at all temperatures. All attempts to force this metal to behave like a traditional forging metal have led all those that have attempted into madness. The Dancers of Ul’Ul have taken to drinking bits of this metal to bring them closer to the Mad Maiden’s perfect and unending madness. As most smiths are unable to forge anything from its swirling form, users of uliun favor it as a supplementary magical component. Uliun is associated with enchantment magic and reckless love.

Used as an additional material component, a dose of uliun increases the effective level of a spell by +1, as if it were being modified by the Heighten Spell feat. In order to function as an additional material component, the spellcaster must use a number of doses of uliun equal to the spell’s level—additional uliun used beyond this amount does nothing. The use of uliun is not without price, and it is this payment that is sometimes sought out by Ul’Ul’s dancers. Each dose of uliun requires a DC 12 Fort save, adding +1 to the save DC for multiple doses. Failing the save does either 1 point of Con or Wis damage, a 50% chance of each.

As a martial application, uliun can be used as a holy water that damages creatures of the Lawful subtype. Uliun is also detected by detect chaos spell as having a faint chaotic aura.

Uliun costs 200 gp per dose.