Trans-Dimensional Eliminator (Ghost-Sunderer)
“If there’s something ethereal in your local district, who should you summon? TRANSDIMENSIONAL ELIMINATORS!”

In a rapidly advancing world like Porphyra, cities can grow with such speed that the plight of the ordinary person can be overlooked by the powers-that-be, even the religious orders that should be most concerned with their well-being. And if, say a dire wraith began converting a tenement into foul translucent ravening undead? In the bustling metropoli of the technologically advanced, and less-than-pious Clockwork Lands, the scuttling, muttering, half-mad members of the quirky Cult of the Pattern Discrepancy Phenomena known as The Glitch build questionable machines that combine magic and technology- with a dash of psychopompic power! Finding brave adventurers to use these “neutron guns” to root out pesky gearghosts, poltergeists, ethereal filchers, and ectoplasmic ogres is a challenge that only the most stout-hearted investigators would accept!

Alignment: Neutral, Neutral Good
Hit Dice: d8

To qualify as a trans-dimensional eliminator, a character must fulfill the following criteria.
Feats: Exotic Weapon Proficiency (heavy weaponry)
Skills: Knowledge (religion) or Knowledge (planes), and either Knowledge (history) or Knowledge (engineering), 5 ranks
Spells: Must be able to cast 1st-level arcane or divine spells.
Special: Must make a 1,000 gp donation to any group of PDP cultists, must have encountered a monster with the incorporeal subtype

Class Skills
The ghost-sunderer’s class skills are: Acrobatics (Dex), Craft (Int), Knowledge (engineering) (Int), Knowledge (history) (Int), Knowledge (planes) (Int), Knowledge (religion) (Int), Perception (Wis), Profession (Wis), and Use Magic Device (Cha).
Skill Ranks at Each Level: 6 + Int modifier

Table: Trans-dimensional Eliminator
Level BAB Fort Ref Will Special
1st +0 +1 +0 +1 Neutron gun, spirit awareness
2nd +1 +1 +1 +1 Neutron grenade, spiritsense
3rd +2 +2 +1 +2 Neutron battery 1, unshakable
4th +3 +2 +1 +2 Neutron-shield, stalwart stomach
5th +3 +3 +2 +3 Neutron battery 2, see invisible

Neutron Gun (Su) The emblematic weapon of the transdimensional eliminators is the neutron gun, an exotic heavy weapon of hybrid techno-magical design designed specifically to deal with ectoplasmic, ethereal and incorporeal creatures. It consists of a backpack containing certain relics and talismans that convert magical energy into special molecular power, and a hose connected to an adjustable nozzle array held by the ghost-sunderer. The neutron gun weighs 15 lbs, and has a range of 60 ft.

One “powers” the neutron gun to emit neutrally-aligned molecular power, the wielder uses up a level 1 spell slot, and the gun emits a beam that can hit ectoplasmic, ethereal, and incorporeal creatures as though they were solid and had no damage reduction statistic. The device does 4d6 damage to the indicated creature types, 3d6 to creatures with the undead or extraplanar type, and 2d6 to creatures vulnerable to physical damage; the neutron gun does untyped magic damage, which has the neutral weapon quality. These quirky weapons malfunction on an attack roll of 1, requiring either a full minute to restart, or a full-round application of a DC 15 Knowledge (engineering) check. They make a critical hit normally on a natural 20. Neutron guns are keyed specifically to their wielder, cannot be used by another being, and can only be sold for 5d20 gp for scrap. The nozzle on a neutron gun can be adjusted to capture an ectoplasmic, ethereal or incorporeal creature, turning it into a soul gem instantly when the weapon reduces it to 1 hp. A neutron gun has 10 hp, a hardness of 3, and costs 500 gp to replace.

Spirit Awareness (Ex) At 1st level, a transdimensional eliminator gains a +2 bonus on Perception checks to avoid being surprised and to detect invisible and incorporeal creatures.

Neutron Grenade (Su) At 2nd level, a transdimensional eliminator can sacrifice a 2nd level spell slot (if they have any) to create a grenade that has the same effects as a blast from a neutron gun, and behaves like a typical grenade-like weapon. Anyone may use these grenades, but the ghost-sunderer may only have as many grenades in existence as she has 2nd level spell slots, and may not use those slots for spells if said grenades are still in existence. A ghost-sunderer must make a DC 15 Craft (weapon) check to craft neutron grenades. Failure loses that spell-slot for the day.

Spiritsense (Su) AT 2nd level, a transdimensional eliminator notices, locates, and can distinguish between living and undead creatures within 60 ft., just as if it had the blindsight ability.

Neutron Battery (Su) At 3rd level, a transdimensional eliminator gets a “free” use of the neutron gun, without expending a spell slot. This increases to 2 free uses at 5th level.

Unshakable (Ex) At 3rd level, a ghost-sunderer adds her class level to the DC of any attempts to Intimidate her; this stacks if she already possesses this ability.

Neutron Shield (N-Shield) (Su) At 4th level, the transdimensional eliminator gets an upgrade to her backpack that gives them a +2 deflection bonus to their armor class, created by neutron energy.

Stalwart Stomach (Ex) At 4th level, ghost-sunderers cannot be nauseated, and are immune to the special effects of attacks by ectoplasmic creatures.

See Invisible (Sp) At 5th level, the ghost-sunderer can use see invisibility as a spell-like ability for 10 minutes per day, usable in 1-minute increments.