This heavy book is bound between a pair of thin stone tablets, its title carved in gold lettering. Scribed completely in the Dwarven tongue, the text contains numerous tips regarding the construction and upkeep of nearly every corridor, path, and tunnel in Nor-Du-Mag.
Value 4,385 gp (8,385 gp with the preparation ritual)
8th—dimensional lock, protection from spells
7th—banishment, spell turning
6th—greater make whole, guards and wards, move earth, symbol of sealing
5th—life bubble, major creation, passwall, wall of stone, wreath of blades
4th—curse of magic negation, make whole, stone shape, stoneskin
3rd—burrow, communal spider climb, dispel magic, explosive runes, shrink item, spiked pit, stunning barrier
2nd—arcane lock, certain grip, communal ant haul, create pit, knock, resist energy, spider climb, stone call, warding weapon
1st—alarm, ant haul, expeditious excavation, invisibility alarm
Keeper of Stone (Ex/Su) The Tome of Stone Wards covers the geography of caves and mountains thoroughly, and gives eldritch insights into how such terrain is formed. This boon is not spent, but grants you a +1 insight bonus on Knowledge (dungeoneering), Knowledge (geography), and Knowledge (nature) checks, as well as on Survival checks attempted in hills, mountains, and underground terrain. In addition, whenever you cast mending, make whole, or greater make whole on an object made entirely from stone, add 1d6 to the number of hit points restored to the object. These benefits last until you next regain spell slots or prepare spells.