The Sceptre of the Seven Circles (Minor Artifact)
Aura strong conjuration; CL 20th
Slot none; Weight 7 lbs.
This ornate object is a replica of that carried by the Emperor of the Seven Circles himself, Lord Sathax, Dark Father, King of Devilkind. It is a heavy fluted rod, composed of oddly mottled gold, with a long steel spike on the bottom, and an orb-like structure composed of seven interlocked rings of various metals at the apex. The +7 touch of the sceptre of the seven circles causes the target to be shaken, no saving throw, for 7 rounds, and it can cast each of the infernal spells detailed below, once per week; costly material component costs are still expected, of course.
Further, the magic power of the sceptre of the seven circles allows that when a summon monster spell of levels IV, V, VI or VII is cast, the sceptre adds 1d4 more monsters per level described as “1d4+1 creatures of the same kind from a lower-level list.” Thus, if a summon monster V spell is cast to summon dire bats, which are on the Level III list, 2d4+1 would be summoned, instead of 1d4+1. If the same spell were used to summon small fire elementals from the Level II list, 3d4+1 would be summoned, and if the same spell were used to summon fire beetles from the Level I list, 4d4+1 would be summoned. If the monster is subtyped as “Evil, Lawful”, then an additional 1 monster would be summoned per additional 1d4 monsters summoned, thus a summon monster V spell used to summon lemures (Lawful Evil) would summon 3d4+3 of them. Additionally, the sceptre of the seven circles reduces payment for using planar ally spells for Lawful Evil beings by 1/7, that is, 14%.
The sceptre of the seven circles can only be destroyed by a greater devil that has renounced evil and truly become good, simply casting it into a common campfire.