The Holy Appendix of Brother Franc
Slot none; Aura strong conjuration
CL 17th; Weight
This finger-shaped organ seems as though it has been recently removed, warm, squishy, glistening with blood; it once belonged to the legendary cleric of Gerana, Brother Franc, one of The Golden Quest, storied adventurers of the NewGod Wars. Though most believe him to be either the ‘first’ Codion, or the first Codion after the Treaty of Siwath, in truth, he never assumed the Iron Miter at all, preferring the (not so) humble life of an adventurer. The story of the holy appendix says that The Golden Quest was captured by a great and cloud giant king, Crimson Cumulus, who took great pleasure in torturing the stalwart band; Brother Franc challenged the fearsome megabeing that he could not even eat an entire organ of a humble human like himself. The enraged giant accepted, and Franc excised his own appendix, by hand. Unbeknownst to Crimson Cumulus, Franc had appendicitis, inflamed by the holy outrage of his goddess, it slew the invulnerable giant from within, and the Quest was saved. Brother Franc stored the miraculous, vestigial organ in a plain wooden box—and it never decayed, even unto the modern era, 900 years later.

The holy appendix of brother franc sits upon a silken cushion, as contact with flesh inflicts 20 points of positive energy damage per round, with no save. Disease cannot take hold within 60 ft. of the holy appendix, spells, auras, special abilities are completely neutralized within that area. Those who are diseased who enter this area immediately receive three new saving throws to be relieved of their condition, all made at +5—but only once per disease.
Those who spend more than 27 hours in the holy appendix’s presence, they will seek to construct a shrine or larger religious structure to house the appendix, whereupon the compulsion will be lifted.
The holy appendix of brother franc can be destroyed by boiling it in 27 gallons of holy water for 27 hours. It will then burst, dealing 54 points of positive energy damage to all within 60 ft.