The Ghost in the Machine
The Great Gremlin, Pattern Discrepancy Phenomena (PDP), The Glitch
Worshippers: Artificers, boggles, tinker gnomes, technologists
Alignment: Neutral
Domains: Artifice, Death, Knowledge, Neutrality
Subdomains: Construct, Indifference, Memory, Psychopomp
Favored Weapon: gnome pincher
Favored Animal: swallow
Favored Instrument: hurdy gurdy

A relatively and controversial deific being on Porphyra, the “non-system-related cohesive energy conduit” is known by the titles Pattern Discrepancy Phenomenon, Glitch, Great Gremlin- simply, the Ghost in the Machine. For manufactured devices and systems to develop a “soul” for want of a better term is inconceivable and infuriating for owners of manufactories, golem-creation facilities, and maintainers of technology. It is said that the heads of the great cities of The Clockwork Lands will order the imprisonment (and subsequent ‘disappearance’) of any who refer to The PDP by any terms. But the harried technologists, segregated boggles, and soul-contemplating tinker gnomes of the various secular industries of Porphyra still wonder… is there life after death for the machines they create, and put their soul into? Is there peace for the golem’s soul? The Ghost in the Machine is seen in many ways y the faithful, in crackles of energy, face-like billows of smoke, and in hush and hum when a colleague’s life is taken by a mishap in the lab or a competitor’s booby-trap, an all-too-common event in The Enclave, or the experimentation labs of the commerce cities of Blix.

Followers of The Ghost in the Machine are not tolerated in the industry and technology focused societies of Porphyra, and worship meetings are clandestine and furtive, in dark storage areas, abandoned facilities and locked break rooms after hours. Machinery with moving parts is most always present, ready to accept the Great Gremlin’s presence, to reveal, or explode. The indifferent attitude of The Glitch’s followers serves them well in evading detection, as they are proud to sneer and denigrate their faith under questioning. As the followers of The Ghost in the Machine increase in numbers, the number of self-willed golems, the annoyance of gearghosts, and weirdly-different gadgets has increased, as well. A particularly odd development has been technology used to combat and control undead and those who would interfere in the typical duties of psychopomps; their champions are the Ghost-sunderers, blasting and trapping incorporeal and undead beings and leading the way, in vigilante manner, in promoting the PDP.

Spell Preparation Ritual
Spell preparation rituals for followers of the PDP are intended to look like mindless ditties and tappings… dadada da dada, d’d’d’d da da… Their metal masks are used as oil-pans or trays for screws and bolts, when not in use.

Religion Traits
The following religion traits may be taken by worshippers of this Usher.

Ain’t ‘Fraid a no Ghosties! (The Ghost in the Machine): “Me not care, da Ghost-sund’rers will get dem ghosts!”. You add +1 to the DC of undead attempts to Intimidate you, and add +1 to your saves vs. fear effects generated by undead.

Macabre Mechanical Manifestor (The Ghost in the Machine): The Great Glitch demands knowledge of both the physical and metaphysical. You gain a +1 bonus to Disable Device, Knowledge (religion) and either Knowledge (engineering) or Use Magic Device.

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