Spell Jar
Aura moderate (Fine or Diminutive) or strong (Tiny or Small) abjuration; CL 8th (Fine or Diminutive), 12th (Tiny), or 16th (Small)
Slot none; Price 12,000 gp (Fine), 27,000 gp (Diminutive), 75,000 gp (Tiny), 147,000 gp (Small); Weight — (Fine), 1/2 lb. (Diminutive), 4 lbs. (Tiny), or 32 lbs. (Small)
When you speak a command word and touch the jar to a subject, this jar contains a spell of your choice affecting the subject. The maximum spell level you can effect depends on the jar’s size: a Fine jar can hold up to 1st-level spells, Diminutive up to 3rd, Tiny up to 5th, and Small up to 7th. While contained in the jar, the spell’s duration is prolonged as if with preserve spell. When you speak the command word again, the spell is released and the preservation effect is dismissed. If you touch the jar to another valid subject of the spell, the spell applies to the new target instead. A new target gets a new saving throw and spell resistance if the spell permits them.
Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, preserve spell; Cost 6,000 gp (Fine), 13,500 gp (Diminutive), 37,500 gp (Tiny), 73,500 gp (Small)30