Singing Guide (Ranger Archetype)
Singing guides use Ithreia’s traditional songs to teach their companions what they need to know in the dangerous wilds.

Hunter’s Bond (Ex): The singing guide must choose companions.

Teaching Song (Ex): At 4th level, the singing guide can sing a traditional song for 15 minutes to grant half his favored terrain bonuses and Endurance feat bonuses to all allies within 30 feet who can understand his language. The bonus lasts for a number of hours equal to the ranger’s Wisdom modifier (minimum 1 hour). This ability replaces spellcasting.

Sea Legs (Ex): At 7th level, the singing guide never slips on slippery surfaces or ice and never falls prone due to the movement of a vessel or other surface he is on. He never falls as the result of failing a Climb check. This ability replaces woodland stride.

Navigational Song (Ex): At 11th level, the singing guide can use the echoes of his voice to navigate. As long as he sings in a loud, clear voice, he has blindsense with a range of 30 feet. He loses this blindsense if he is deafened. At 19th level, the range of his blindsense increases to 60 feet and he gains blindsight with a range of 15 feet. This ability replaces quarry and improved quarry.