The fascination of sentient beings with writing down their thoughts, making their words immortal, is as old as language itself. Oracles of the sigil mystery are devoted to runes, words, and language in and of itself, regardless of the knowledge imparted.

Deities: Linium, Najim, Paletius

Class Skills: An oracle with the sigil mystery adds Linguistics, Knowledge (arcana), Perception and Use Magic Device to her list of class skills.

Bonus Spells: silent image (2nd), symbol of mirroring (4th), sepia snake sigil (6th), stone shape (8th), persistent image (10th), true seeing (12th), resonating word (14th), power word stun (16th), power word kill (18th)

Revelations: An oracle with the sigil mystery can choose from any of the following revelations.

Personal Sign of Power (Su): When you make the shape of your chosen sigil with your hands, one target within 30 ft. that can see you must make a Will save or be shaken for a number of rounds equal to ½ your oracle level (minimum 1). If a shaken target has fewer hit dice than you, the target is stunned for 1 round. You can use this ability 3 times per day plus your Charisma modifier.

Reapers and Speakers (Su): You recognize the power inherent in runereapers and runescaster, and can link your power with them. After touching either as a standard action, each gains the following benefit: a runereaper regains a bloodrune, and a runespeaker a wordspell slot no higher than the highest spell slot the sigil oracle can cast. You can do this once per day (to either class) at 1st level, twice at 7th level, and three times at 15th level.

Rune Knowledge Defense (Su): You can add your oracle level to Perception checks to detect dangerous runes, to saving throws vs. any spell that has the word “symbol”, “glyph” or “runes” in its name; you gain a general +1 to saves vs. words of power.

Sigil Strengthen (Sp): You gain the Scribe Scroll feat as a bonus feat, and any spell you cast from a scroll is cast at +1 level, but must be cast as a full-round action.

Sign of Repulsion (Su): By taking a full round action, you can inscribe a glowing sigil upon yourself that repels attacks, granting you a +4 armor bonus. At 7th level, and every 4 levels thereafter, the bonus increases by +2. At 13th level, this repelling sign grants sonic resistance 5. You can use this barrier 1 hour per day per oracle level. This duration does not need to be consecutive, but must be used in 1 hour increments.

Speak with All (Ex): Due to your fervor regarding words, you gain the power of truespeech. You must be at least 3rd level to select this revelation.

Spontaneous Symbology (Sp): Your familiarity with magic and signs makes symbol magic natural. You can cast any spell with “symbol” in its name, even if it is not on your spell list; you also add 1 to the DC of any saving throw as appropriate. You must be at least 7th level to select this revelation.

Sympathetic Colors (Su): You can radiate colors and marks upon your body that allow you to blend in with your background. You gain +4 plus additional bonus equal to your oracle level, but you may not move while doing so. The effect lasts until you do move, and you may use it once per day for every revelation you possess.

Word Magic Manifest (Sp): If you choose to follow the path of words of power, you can substitute one
power word that you know (from the cleric ‘words by class’ list) with another class’s list, per oracle
spell level. At 11th level, you can change a particular power word known, from another class’s list, to a different class’s list, once per day, as a standard action.

Word Magic Wonder (Sp): If you choose to follow the path of words of power, they become more effective. DC of saving throws are increased by 1, and duration is increased by 1 unit. At 15th level, you reduce the level increase of a metamagic feat by one, when using it with a word magic.

Final Revelation: At 20th level, all words speak to you, like whispering children on the wind. You gain SR 40 against all magic, and once per round can convert a spell cast at you or within 30 ft. into a scroll for your personal use, upon making a DC 30 Spellcraft check.