Content from Protean Lords of Porphyra

Sextant of Limbo
Aura strong conjuration; CL 15th
Slot none; Price 140,000 gp; Weight
This complicated series of hovering, nested metallic rings constantly swirls and moves about a glimmering center point that flickers all manners of colors. Operating with the same powers of an amulet of the planes, a sextant of Limbo is uniquely keyed to that realm of untamed potential and on any failure to use the object’s plane shift ability, the user is shifted to a random location in Limbo. Additionally, once per day on command, the sextant of Limbo allows the user to leap forward in space to a location of their choosing as per the spell chaotic breach.
Requirements Forge Ring, chaotic breach, plane shift; Cost 70,000 gp