Sessenaileama the Deafening Howl in the Exordium
The Lord of Ashes Underfoot, the Dark Twin
Worshipers: Arsonists, Martyrs, Soldiers
Alignment: CN
Domains: Chaos, Darkness, Destruction, Fire
Subdomains: Ash, Night, Protean, Rage
Favored Weapon: Greatsword
Favored Creature: Coral snake
Favored Instrument: Bent Brass Horn


For all that is spoken of whimsy, freedom, and creation, Chaos is never complete and whole without destruction, loss, and sacrifice in order to preserve itself from the tyranny of Law. There can be no creation without its mirror opposite as the old and static gives way beneath teeth and blade, and seeds grow best where blood and ashes stain the soil. This dark vision of Chaos more often associated with the rampant, mindless destruction of demons was the creed of Sessenaileama the Deafening Howl in the Exordium.

Terrified at their loss of territory and influence as the NewGod wars raged on and their hideous defeat in Parl Pardesh, the desperate erkunae called upon every power whose names they recalled. Finally, after the sacrifice of five thousand dhosari, the Dark Twin manifested above G’sho’laa’n’rr, taking the form of a great keketar formed of compacted, smoldering ashes with burning ruby eyes, surrounded by a rain of cinders and darkness. The Lord of Ashes Underfoot listened to the cries of priests and nobles begging for salvation and a return of their power and rule. The Dark Twin listened and in response, he laughed. Brought into the world, the protean lord of destruction and darkness ignored their pleas even as he and a storm of jet black naunets set upon the weakened armies of the Opal Throne. Slaughtering thousands and shattering the remaining naval forces of Erkusaa the screaming black storm departed, moving on to ravage Elemental and Deist forces alike upon the mainland like a living, devouring wave.

Only now, having rebuilt itself and again looking outwards, do the erkunae understand that their loss and bloodshed was necessary to make them stronger. The Dark Twin’s actions removed the threat of any subsequent foreign invasion, with many assuming the island to be a blighted wasteland or still crawling with Sessenaileama’s armies.


Naked and daubed with ashes and self-inflicted ritual scarring, the followers of the Dark Twin share their holy places with those of Amaelianesses, holding their often bloody ceremonies at night, and sharing services during rare periods of solar eclipse. Whatever the natural state of the building, it grows increasingly damaged during the course of worship, slowly crumbling to ashes and rubble around the chanting worshippers, appearing whole again at the end of their service.

Spell Preparation Ritual

Like a great wyrm swallowing the sun, inscribe an enemies name upon an egg or a fruit, and then consume it. Smile as you devour this meal as if you were devouring your enemies and not only an abstract representation.

Religion Traits

The following traits are available to followers of Sessenaileama:

Destructive Magic: Magic is too often used as a shield and bulwark to stifle change and hold back the inevitability of death, but your magic pierces through with the blessing of the Lord of Ashes Underfoot. You gain a +1 trait bonus to caster level checks to dispel, counterspell, or overcome spell resistance.

Law-Bane Fury: The truth of Chaos is destruction in order to make way for all new things, and the Dark Twin empowers you to ensure that nothing lasts forever, especially those things that would brazenly exalt Law. You gain a +1 trait bonus to attacks and damage against enemies of the Law subtype.

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