Serenade of Readiness (Dance, Sing, Wind)
Your song from the Wintry Hymns evokes the virtue of preparedness. The au¬dience is energized with certainty and hope as you chronicle heroes and saints whose foresight and precaution saved them from hazards and monsters.
Prerequisite: Perform (dance, sing, wind) 7 ranks.
Cost: Feat or 3rd-level bard spell known.
Effect: An ally of your choice is filled with divine guidance verging on pre¬cognition that helps her prepare just the right tools for the job. This perfor¬mance only helps if begun while she has time to buy, trade for, or otherwise acquire a variety of supplies. The target may carry unspecified equipment worth up to 100 gp per rank in Perform you have. This can be any kind of gear that can reasonably fit into a backpack, including potions (but not any other sort of magic item). As a full-round action, the target may dig through her pockets to retrieve an item she specifies at that time, deducting its value from the allocated amount of cost. This item cannot weigh more than 10 pounds. When the total remaining price reaches 0 or the performance ends, the target can retrieve no more items until she readies her gear again by spending a few hours and an amount of gold up to her maximum. This per¬formance has audible components.
Use: 1 round of bardic performance per hour.
Action: 1 hour.