Sangwine (200 gp; 2 lbs.)
This deep red wine is highly tannic and has notes of currants and cocoa and an aroma of cedar. Sangwine is a favorite of Erkunae elite, who associate drinking it with long life. Drinking a glass of sangwine takes at least 1 round, though many imbibers take longer to savor the wine’s complex flavors. After drinking a glass, the wine gives the drinker’s blood a bitter flavor for 1 hour, causing any creature that deals damage using the blood drain extraordinary ability to become sickened for a number of rounds equal to the points of Constitution damage dealt (this effect is not subject to the poison immunity of vampires and other undead). Repeated uses of the blood drain ability on a creature that has imbibed at least one glass of sangwine extends the duration of the sickened condition. The price listed is for a bottle, which contains six glasses’ worth of sangwine.