Golden arcane runes and sigils seem to change or move constantly across the green leather cover of this remarkably well-preserved text. Each page is edged in thin silver, and a luxurious silk ribbon trapped between the pages flutters of its own accord.
Protection Superior lock with arcane lock (DC 50), polymorph (appears as a different spellbook each evening if no spells have been prepared from it)
Value 26,365 gp (31,365 gp with preparation ritual)
9th—fiery body, greater create demiplane, shapechange, time stop, transmute blood to acid, transmute golem
8th—frightful aspect, greater planar binding, greater shout, moment of prescience, polymorph any object, temporal stasis
7th—artificer’s curse, control construct, emblem of greed, firebrand, greater age resistance, greater teleport, legendary proportions, reverse gravity
6th—enemy hammer, disintegrate, flesh to stone, globe of invulnerability, monstrous physique IV, sonic form, tar pool, transformation
5th—baleful polymorph, beast shape III, contact other plane, monstrous physique III, open arms, permanency, polymorph, rune of ruin, telekinesis, treasure stitching
4th—arcane eye, black tentacles, dimension door, fire shield, greater darkvision, monstrous physique II, obsidian flow, stoneskin, telekinetic charge, true form
3rd—deft digits, disable construct, enter image, excruciating deformation, fly, greater magic weapon, haste, heroism, lightning bolt, monstrous physique I, protection from energy, strangling hair
2nd—arcane lock, continual flame, disfiguring touch, locate object, make whole, masterwork transformation, protection from arrows, scorching ray, see invisibility, shatter, summon swarm, telekinetic assembly
1st—ant haul, burning hands, color spray, comprehend languages, identify, jump, mage armor, magic missile, mirror strike, reduce person, thunderstomp, youthful appearance
Preparation Ritual
Change Magic (Su) Even the nature of magic is susceptible to your powerful transmutations. You can spend this boon as a swift action to declare a non-transmutation spell you are casting to be “changed magic.” This spell becomes a transmutation effect, and benefits from any abilities or feats that influence your transmutation spells and can be applied to the spell you cast (such as Spell Focus).