Ressiheksis the Sybil’s Song
The Blinded Omniscience
Worshipers: Ascetics, scholars, seers
Alignment: CN
Domains: Chaos, Knowledge, Rune, Void
Subdomains: Intuition, Isolation, Language, Protean
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff
Favored Creature: Locust
Favored Instrument: Cymbal


I have always been here is what Ressiheksis the Sybil’s Song said to the first mortals that whispered prayers in her/his name after the Blinded Omniscience came to them in their dreams. They wanted knowledge, and their worship of the Elemental Lords was simply propitiation and a means to an end, but there was another way. Ressiheksis sang among the stars since before the stellar furnace of Porphyra’s sun first set light and life into motion. You have a choice it told them, and I am here, an answer seeking your question.

To these dreamers, she was a thing of majesty and terror, a creature of primordial wisdom and madness. Ressiheksis appeared as a creature of twin serpentine heads set atop a glistening orb swirling with suggestive, indistinct shapes. One head was blind, with milky, cataract shrouded eyes, and the second head with only bleeding, empty sockets. One lacked a tongue and mouthed silent words, and the other bore bleeding lips stitched shut. The gods had not yet come, but those who keened to the Sybil’s Song did not need them, for she/he sang to them so many secret things.

Most of these dreamers vanished, occulting themselves into caves and mountain top refuges, far away from the war soon to unfold. There they whispered into the dreams of Qarryn and Grunzol’s followers in the same way that the Sybil’s Song had to them. These they seeded with doubt and fear, promises of a future in which their elemental masters were brought low. This self-fulfilling prophecy of course happened, but none doubt that it was only the first step in what Ressiheksis had told to his/her followers, and as for the first ones yet to make their return to the world, only speculation and the future hold answers.


The church of the Sybil’s Song is most often a solitary affair, with only a rare cloister of its followers gathering together on a mountaintop or deep within a cave, isolated from the world at large and free to indulge in the visions their worship provides. Known for extreme asceticism, devotees starve themselves and imbibe hallucinogens, perform hesychastic prayers, and engage in profound self-mortification. Wandering members often write their visions and prophecies in the margins of self-copied books and distribute these works into other libraries and collections, surreptitiously spreading their patron’s influence.

Spell Preparation Ritual

Cover your eyes, stare into a candle flame, or sit alone is perfect darkness. Eschewing your sight, open your mind and senses to the world around you that would otherwise be dim, distant, and unseen amid the shadow cast by your vision. Whisper your prayers to the Sybil’s Song and then regain your sight, knowing that at times it may cloud true understanding.

Religion Traits

The following traits are available to followers of Ressiheksis:

Philological Wisdom: The flow of words both known and unknown are the liturgy of the Sybil’s Song, and his/her followers are quick to discern the meaning of new and foreign tongues, codes and ciphers alike. You gain a +1 trait bonus to Linguistics checks and Linguistics is always a class skill for you.

Piercing Divination: Followers of the Blinded Omniscience gain a profound ability to magically discern all things hidden from view. You gain a +1 trait bonus to the DC to resist your divination spells.

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