This content comes from Rangers of Porphyra

Reforged Sword
Aura strong evocation and conjuration; CL 13th
Slot weapon; Price 30,335 gp; Weight 6 lbs.
These powerful magical bastard swords are the possessions of great leaders of ranger orders, and often bear their own specific names. They are called reforged swords because they are made from the shards of magical blades recovered from great battlefields, a process which can take many years, even generations. Fitted with a magical scabbard, a reforged sword is a +2 impervious bastard sword that is also keen against the wielder’s favored enemies, if any. A reforged sword grants the wielder darkvision 60 ft. (or increases existing darkvision to 90 ft.) and allows the wielder to cast the spells daylight, faerie fire and ancient demand (without the material component) once per day. The magical scabbard of a reforged sword is also impervious, and radiates nondetection on itself and the blade within. At a command word spoken by the owner, a reforged sword cannot be drawn from the scabbard until a counterword is spoken; without knowledge of such words only a great deal of divination can find them out and allow the sword to be drawn.
Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, ancient demand, daylight, faerie fire, nondetection, peacebond; creator must be a ranger 13 or higher; Cost 15,000 gp