Rainbow Isles
“Get away from civilization in beautiful, exotic surroundings, and observe the decadent locals and their savage ceremonies. Bring appropriate weaponry” - Femanx holiday brochure

Capital: None
Settlements: Apex (8,000), Ghlidra-Yaam (10,000), Thunder Keep (9,000)
Rulers: Vicereine Xella Fezyd of the Femanx, King Qanak Razortooth of the Lizardfolk, and Prince
Kog of the Sahauguin
Government: Viceroyalty/monarchies
Races: Femanx, Lizardfolk, Relluk, Sahuagin, Undine
Faiths: Chiuta, Eshsalqua, Ice Tyrant, Nise, Poison Wave, Saren, S’sluun
Resources: Dinosaurs, fruit, lumber, obsidian, tourism
Languages: Aquan, Common, Draconic, Manxic
Border Conditions: None

To know the history of the archipelago known as the Rainbow Isles is to know the meaning of beauty marred by greed and death. Long ago, in the time of the elementals, the elemental-kin undine built a great nautical empire on this string of tropical islands. Towering temple cities were erected in the jungles, and sleek, maridpowered navies were amassed. While subservient to their elemental masters -primarily the awesome underwater power known as The Poison Wave - the undine had little to fear, for water was indeed the most powerful of elements. The empire was not meant to last.

The NewGod Wars were not kind to the undines’ empire. As the wars raged on, the demands of The Poison Wave grew harsher. The undine were forced to drain their resources, clear-cutting islands of their trees to build boats, and converting entire coral reefs to weapons. Then the fire of war came to the Rainbow Islands. Several gods allied to topple the Undine Empire and The Poison Wave, the most aggressive being Saren and Nise.

Both gods established their clergies in the Isles, which remain to this day. The servants of the water elementals tried everything they could, even magically creating a new race of soldiers known as the Relluk, but to no avail. The empire was crushed, and the divine forces moved on to other war-fronts, leaving the undine and their child race to scatter.

The fertility of the islands is well known to all, and the centuries since the NewGod Wars have seen missionary movements, colonial aspersions, genocide, proxy war, and, sometimes, quiet. The fact of the islands’ strategic location has also invited a lot of attention, from the loathsome Pyynians, to the more benevolent Sharirans from the Pinnacle Lands. All want a piece of paradise.

Current Events
In the time since the fall of the oppressive Elemental Lords, the Rainbow Isles have known much beauty and prosperity. The local lizardfolk race, once slaves, have gathered their tribes together to form a single, great nation across several volcanic islands. From here, they exploit the savage land, and trade its bounty. Further along the archipelago, the technologically advanced Femanx have built a gleaming pleasure resort for the wealthy of their race, and other foreigners, and dabble in regional politics and espionage.

Yet the Rainbow Isles knows evil and tragedy as well, in equal measure. When the nautical empire of the undines fell, the sahaugin, sent from their mid-ocean empire, built a colony nearby meant as a foothold for war. Now, the forces under Prince Kog attempt to forcibly annex the Rainbow Isles and their inhabitants under the flag of the Deep Empire, and in the name of Sashalqua, the aquatic avatar of Eshsalqua, the Voice of Corruption. The undine and relluk that have remained have proved easy pickings. The lucky ones have sought employment with the Femanx or lizardfolk, while the unlucky have resorted to isolated tribal lives that are all but defenseless before the military might of the sahaugin war colony.

The only forces that prevent the Deep Empire from completely taking the Rainbow Isles for itself are the technologically superior Femanx and the savagely protective lizardfolk - the latter following canny priests of Chiuta and Saren. Some of the smaller or more remote islands remain a wilderness of ever-shifting borders, within which many of the battered tribes find solace in the temples of their ancestors, and the whispers of their former elemental masters.

The major settlements in the Rainbow Isles are:

  • Apex is the seat of Prince Kog’s power, a military colony built mostly beneath the waves. Located on the edge of the sea shelf, it serves as a port of easy access for the Deep Empire. Though the sahaugin have conquered the nearby islands for storing slaves and sacked vessels, the bulk of the Prince’s forces are housed within the subaqueous towers of Apex. Given its location, the sahaugin believe that even the technologically superior Femanx would have a hard time felling the colony.
  • Ghlidra-Yaam, which translates into Manxic as ‘Yard of Happiness’, is a paradise resort dedicated to the entertainment and titillation of the elite. With their vast technology and wealth, the Femanx worry more about how to spend their free time than on mere survival. Boasting crystal clear waters, lush land and luxury, lucky Femanx and rich patrons of many other races can hunt dinosaurs, ride waves and winds, or even dive below the surface to inspect cultured ‘wrecks’. Those that attend have to deal with the superiority of the resort’s owners, as well as the undine and relluk that staff the resort.
  • Relluk Isle is the volcanic homeland of the bizarre relluk, and is unofficially forbidden to visit, an attitude encouraged by the local priests of the various religions. Elementalists also avoid the place, so as to not be reminded of their last-ditch failure. Femanx recruit relluk here, though, and the stone creatures have their secret ways of travel, as well.
  • Thunder Keep, in the heart of the jungle, is beyond a great wall formed by the largest trees in the lizardfolk domain. It is the capital city of King Razortooth, built of canvas and volcanic rock. Great lizards known as dinosaurs have been tamed as beasts of burden by the locals, and have given the place its name, for the many loud sounds that fill the city. Stomping behemoths, trumpeting war-mounts and the rumbling of the island’s volcano both intimidates and inspires visiting folk.


  • Within the Ruined Empire, at the heart of the Rainbow Isles is an undine water cult that has been ignored by the three powers up to now. Lately, however, their chants have grown more menacing, and fierce elementals have been summoned to wreak havoc. Has the cult found a method to contact their vanished masters?
  • On certain nights, while enjoying the blissful luxuries of Ghlidra-Yaam, a Femanx staff member has been spied accepting a parcel form a hooded sahaugin. Could this forebode a surprise attack on the unprepared resort, or is it an admittedly odd liaison between unlikely lovers?
  • While on a trade mission with the lizardfolk, a Femanx trading vessel has gone missing. Not wishing to create an incident, the security chief of Ghlidra-Yaam is recruiting unaffiliated adventurers to investigate the matter.

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