Puppet of Foul Shouting
Aura moderate transmutation; CL 3rd -9th
Slot varies; Weight varies; from 2-8 lbs..
This item appears as a finely-made puppet of any of the above types, but as soon as it is used in a Perform check, a bardic performance, or for one of its perceived abilities, all it will do is shout curses and foul language loudly and continuously. This will cause any Perform check to fail to the degree that the user will have to pay the audience the result of his Perform check, to reverse the effect of the bardic performance (-1 result from inspire courage, for example) or cause enemies to target the user of a perceived item ability over other potential targets. The puppet cannot be destroyed or gotten rid of without the necessary spells, and even mutters curses when not in use (after its initial discovery), enforcing a -2 penalty to Bluff, Diplomacy and Stealth.
Magic Items any puppet-type magic item