Porphyrite Borders and Landed Territories
The Landed Territories brought to Porphyra by the New Gods are, quite literally, pieces of other realities incorporated into the body of that world. The intrusion of these lands is maintained by the gods themselves, through the mystical substance of porphyrite, sometimes called godstone.

All of the Landed Territories are surrounded by borders of porphyrite crystal, usually in a rough hedge of about 1’ in height, but that can vary. This border projects a pale, barely visible purple light into the heavens, making a wall, that prevents the movement of most living beings, and most molecular movement, especially weather. Thus, there can exist an arctic wasteland (The Frozen North) beside a tropical jungle (Californ), a magical mountain (Purple Mountain) can sit within rolling fields, and a celestial castle (Digirn, the Celestial Bastion) can exist within a nightmare land (Empire of the Dead). Moving physical objects lose half of their velocity when passing through a porphyrite border this effectively halves range and damage from missile weapons passing through, but not magical ones. Many beings on Porphyra call these ‘godswalls’ and dislike their proximity, as their faint light disturbs sleep. Undead instinctively avoid them, and even incorporeal undead cannot pass them.

Passage through godswalls requires a certain ritual, taught to mortals by the god Shankhil. Porphyrite is his creation and jurisdiction, as the god of doorways, and certain of his priests administer border crossings at designated places, changing money or goods for flakes of porphyrite, known as ‘flakes’ in common vernacular. ‘Flakes’ are used as a a medium of exchange away from the borders, as well, a flake of porphyrite being the equivalent of 5 pieces of gold; platinum is not recognized as a trade metal on Porphyra, being ridiculously rare and hard to smelt. Flake can be obtained in other ways than changing it with Khilite priests (colloquially called ‘Methysti’); such as stray deposits in certain areas, and naturally decay from some border areas. A being that holds a flake of porphyrite and walks through the barrier may pass- Khilite priests encourage a prayer to whatever god the holder reveres. The flake ‘returns’ to the prophyrite grid, and the traveler goes on. Creatures of intelligence less than 3 are usually sprinkled with powdered porphyrite, one flake affecting 5 such animals. Some species have adapted to ingest certain muds and waters near godswall borders, and as such migrate when it pleases them.

Godswall borders in a few areas (Karkoon, Creeper’s Rift, Isles of the Lost) are said to be intermittent by scholars, ‘blinky’ to laymen. Due to otherworldly energies, or conflict between the gods, certain porphyrite borders ‘come and go’, often around islands, or in underground areas. There seems to be no predicting these ‘blinky’ areas, though Khilite priests often use augury with some success. Even at sea, where godswalls usually appear 10-20 miles out in the ocean, purple Khilite ships can be found facilitating passage and keeping an eye on things; Khilites have a network of knowledge of the comings and goings of sentients on Porphyra second to none, rivaling the Divine Record for information.

Attacking a Khilite border-station is taboo, even among most evil races, though most are fairly capable of defending themselves. It may be noted that in some cases, the border of a Landed territory is not necessarily a porphyrite border; in the millenium since the Calling kingdoms have expanded and changed, so that they must negotiate godswalls within their own lands. Khilites are especially welcome at such border crossings. Finally, to further facilitate large numbers of border-crossers, a divine spell is available to convert channeled energy into a magical porphyrite aura (see Porphyrite Passage).