Material: Porphyrite
Porphyrite is a luminous purple stone that first appeared on Porphyra during the New-God wars. Porphyrite is used to hold the newly reformed world of Porphyra together, to restrict the movement of some forces, and to act as a deterrent to elenentals.

Porphyrite has 20 hit points per inch and hardness 12.

Weapons: Porphyrite can be used to craft any sort of weapon. Crystals of porphyrite respond to force as though they were metal and can be treated as such. Porphyrite weapons cost three times as much to make as their normal counter parts. Also, adding any magical enhancements to a porphyrite weapon increases its cost by 500 gp the first time it is enhanced. Porphyrite weapons bypass the
untyped damage reduction of creatures of the elemental subtype.

Armor: Any metal armor can be fashioned from porphyrite at three times the normal cost. Light armor gains DR 1/— against the physical attacks of creatures of the elemental subtype. Medium armor gains DR 2/— and heavy armor gains DR 4/—, respectively.

Porphyrite Firearms constructed out of porphyrite are much more precise in their firing mechanisms, alleviating excess heat. A firearm constructed out of porphyrite reduces its misfire value by 1.
Cost +2,500 gp