Phinegan’s Mute Stocking
Aura faint illusion; CL 3rd
Slot hands; Price 7,000 gp; Weight 2 lbs.
This soft-furred hand puppet represents a domestic animal such as a dog or cat, and has shiny ceramic eyes; it is made primarily from a stocking. While wearing the puppet on one’s hand, you can speak to a single visible ally within 60 ft. without making a sound; this is not a telepathic effect, but a magical one, it cannot be intercepted psionically or magically. You cannot wield a weapon or item in the hand that the stocking is on. Once per day, the owner of phinegan’s mute stocking can cast a spell as if possessing the Still Spell metamagic feat. If they possess that feat, the spell that they cast does not increase in spell slot level. A bard may use phinegan’s mute stocking to conduct a silent bardic performance, if their regular performance involves auditory components it is still effective in every way, and can affect beings not normally affected by auditory attacks, such as akatas.
Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, message, silence; Cost 3,500 gp