Partatingi (Parrotfolk)
Now rare and elusive, partatingi were once as prevalent as the lizardfolk before the first erkunae came and hunted them to near extinction. Partatingi resemble humanoid macaw parrots with much in common with the raven-like tengu (although they claim no relation). It is said that long ago, the lizardfolk ruled the land and partatingi ruled the treetops and mountain summits in perfect harmony. Scholars even suggest that both lizardfolk and partatingi share a common racial ancestor akin to a humanoid tyrannosaurus, but such is mere legend.

Partatingi so closely resemble medium-sized parrots that they are often mistaken for animals until they talk and gesture with urbane civility. Even though most of them eschew clothing in favor of their natural vibrate plumage, partatingi are very well-mannered and sophisticated when engaged in conversation. When forced to engage in combat, however, they are deadly with their large beaks and talons.

Historical accounts conflict on exactly how or why the erkunae depleted their numbers. Whatever the cause, most partatingi harbor no ill will toward present erkunae inhabitants, and live peacefully in the remote high places of the archipelago.

Partatingi Racial Characteristics
Partatingi player characters are defined by class levels—they do not possess racial hit dice. All partatingi player characters possess the following racial characteristics.

  • +2 Intelligence, +2 Dexterity, -2 Constitution: Partatingi are clever and nimble, but lack physical soundness.
  • Medium: Partatingi are Medium creatures that have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
  • Speed: Partatingi have a base speed of 30 ft. on land. They also have a fly speed of 30 ft. (average), and always treat Fly as a class skill. A partatingi’s wings are also its arms, and they take -10 ft. penalty to their fly speed when holding anything in their hands. Partatingi cannot use manual tools or wield manufactured weapons while flying.
  • Avian Humanoid: Partatingi are humanoids with the partatingi subtype.
  • Gifted Linguist: Partatingi gain a +4 racial bonus on Linguistics checks, and learn 2 languages of their choice each time they gain a rank in Linguistics rather than 1 language.
  • Natural Attacks: Partatingi possess a bite with their beaks and two talons on their feet that can be used as natural attacks. The bite deals 1d4 points of damage, while the talons deal 1d4 points of damage. These are considered primary attacks, or secondary attacks if the partatingi wields a manufactured weapon.
  • Parroting Speech: A partatingi can throw their voice as if using the spell ventriloquism. They can use this ability for 1 minute per character level per day. These minutes need not be consecutive.
  • Tail Balance: Partatingi receive a +4 racial bonus on Acrobatics checks when balancing.
  • Thick Feathers: Partatingi have a +1 natural armor bonus.
  • Wing-hands: A partatingi’s “hands” consist mainly of long feathers they can manipulate like fingers. As such, they can only wield light melee weapons effectively. They take a -2 penalty to attack rolls when wielding any manufactured weapon other than a light melee weapon. In addition, they gain a +2 bonus to attack rolls made with light melee weapons.
  • Languages: Partatingi begin play speaking Common and their racial language of Partatingi. Partatingi with high Intelligence scores can choose from choose from any language they want (except for secret languages, like Druidic).

Partatingi Aging and Physical Statistics
Partatingi are long-lived, as are most psittaciformes, and use the “gnome” aging statistics, reaching middle age at 100 years. For height and weight, use the statistics for the tengu race.

Racial Traits
The following racial traits are available to partatingi player characters from the Seven Principalities, or to partatingi who may have migrated to other lands on Porphyra.

Careful Preening: Teach the young to preen carefully, and they shall maintain good health. You gain +1 to saves vs. disease and to any saving throws vs. parasites or parasitic attacks.

Free as a Bird: The chaos of the erkunae could not hold down our people, and bonds cannot hold me now. You gain +1 to Escape Artist checks, and that skill is a class skill for you.

Mimicry: Isn’t it entertaining to copy the voices of the hairy folk? Their sounds are quite unique. When using your parroting speech, you may use sound imitation as a blue dragon.