Pack Tinkerer (Quartermaster Archetype)
Pack tinkerers build their devices for use with pack animals or trained mounts and are masters at weatherproofing. They are the only quartermasters common among Ithreia’s faithful.

Class Skills: The pack tinker gains Ride as a class skill in place of Linguistics.

Pack Bond (Ex): The pack tinker gets a mount as the cavalier class feature except that the animal can also be a bird or dolphin. When he gains the inspection ability, he can apply its benefits only to his pack animal and animals he has calmed with Handle Animal. The pack tinker’s trap evasion ability applies to his pack animal. This ability replaces medium armor proficiency and alters inspection and trap evasion.

Animal Item Training (Ex): At 7th level, the pack tinker can spend 1 re¬source point to teach his pack animal to activate, ready, and deploy (as appropriate) an item he would be able to activate that it would not normally be able to activate. The pack animal can activate, ready, and deploy the item only once before the pack tinker must teach it again, and it can have only one item activation taught to it at any given time. This deed replaces repurpose mechanism.