Order of the Owl Cantor (Chronicler Archetype)
Ithreia’s Order of the Owl is vested with the knowledge of their faith and teaching fables to the faithful for their erudition. Chroniclers serve well at this task, especially with this archetype.

Endurance: At 2nd level, the Order of the Owl cantor gains Endurance as a bonus feat. This feat replaces well-versed.

Call Down Martyrs (Su): The Order of the Owl cantor can use chronicler performance to summon martyrs who died in the service of Ithreia. These are rangers or icebreaker armjacks of the same level as the barbarians normally summoned by call down legends. At 20th level, the Order of the Owl cantor can summon an 11th-level Ithreian cleric in addition to any rangers summoned by this performance. This modifies the call down legends chroni¬cler performance and replaces mass suggestion.