Nightmare Murder-Puppet
Aura moderate transmutation; CL 3rd-9th
Slot varies; Weight varies; from 2-8 lbs.
These horrific items appear as a finely-made puppet of any of the above types, but have achieved a murderous sentience of their own due to a disastrous mischance in creating the item. Such foul abominations behave in two ways, often depending on the length of their existence. Some nightmare murder-puppets behave exactly like the magical puppet they were supposed to be, until they have access to a light melee weapon like a dagger or knife; they will then seize it and stab the holder, doing 1d8 damage automatically; others procure their own weapons and stalk living beings that intrude upon the place of their creation, seeking to terrify and kill as many as possible; in this case they would do damage based on their size, typically. Most nightmare murder-puppets are of Tiny size, but birggin’s acerbic dummy and haenson’s magnificent marionette would be of Small size. Unlike many cursed magic items, nightmare murder-puppets can be destroyed as a creature, though they seek to preserve their own existence.
Magic Items any puppet-type magic item