Moon/Sun Cult
Peculiar to the xesa people of Californ and other verdant pockets, these cults are a peculiar example of “good” and “evil” being allowed, even encouraged, to coexist within a society. The genderless xesa being fascinated by the concept of division, they treat the twin cults much like political parties, with the ruling Undivided unswayed by either. The Moon Cult is made up mostly of witches, evil clerics that worship Evil as a dry, abstract concept, and the odd anti-paladin, while the Sun Cult is primarily low-level clerics who putter about espousing Glory, Good, Knowledge and Law like salesmen, lead always by a paladin and a council of deformed oracles. It is possible that some oaklings and gathlain have become adherents of this strange faith, taught by adventurous xesa “missionaries”.