Martyr (Cleric)1
A martyr is one who is picked by her god or church to suffer and die for the good of her allies. Only the most demented martyrs actually enjoy their suffering or desire death, but all are comforted by knowing that their pain and eventual demise will not be in vain.

Skills: Those who are not afraid to die for the cause strike fear into those of weaker substance. Martyrs add Intimidate to their list of class skills.

Domains (Su) A martyr must select the Martyr subdomain of the Nobility domain as one of her two domains. This alters domains.

Fire of Faith (Su): When wounded, the clerical aura of a martyr becomes visible as a nimbus of light around their head, colored appropriately to their patron. If wounded up to ½ their hit points, martyrs gain +1 to Intimidate, and if wounded to more than ½ their hit points, martyrs gain +2 to Intimidate. These bonuses are increased by +1 at 5th, 9th, 13th and 17th levels. This alters aura.

Bleeding Salvation (Su) A martyr can only channel energy when they are injured by an enemy. Whenever they take damage from an enemy’s attack, the martyr can channel energy as an immediate action. If a martyr is dying before she can use all of her remaining uses of channel energy, she automatically stabilizes when she reaches -9 hit points. If the martyr dies an unnatural death (such as from violence), there is 2% per class level chance she will return to life 1d6 days later, as per the resurrection spell. This alters channel energy.

Most Common Faiths: Myketa, Nemyth Vaar, Rolterra, Tulis, Enor Ashlord, Lord Grunzol Firestorm, amaelianesses, Zaelendris, Black Crow.