Lost Ark of the Raiders (Artifact)
Aura overwhelming divination, law; CL 20th; Weight 60 lbs.; Slot none
The fabled lost ark of the raiders is described as a large, 4 ft. by 5 ft. and 3 ft. high gilded wooden box, decorated with scenes of angels and powerful beings teaching mortals on earth. It is topped by figures of grim bearded devas forming the lid with their wings. Rings for inserting poles with which to carry the box are part of the construction of the ark. Legend holds that the box contains laws for mortals carved in stone by the finger of a mysterious god of ultimate law; any who open the ark to look in take 20d6 positive and/or negative damage per round, as do all within 60 ft. who observe the opening. The ark constantly radiates a magic circle against evil, and magic items with an evil aura, included desecrated idols to evil gods will be broken if exposed for an eight-hour period. Once they are destroyed, the ark recloses itself. If the ark is placed indoors – a tent will do- it will benefit a group that pays it proper homage. If holy water is poured over the ark, it will respond to questions as though from a commune spell; it will do this 20 times, modified by 1d6-3 times, determined when the ark is first consulted. A question asked about an upcoming battle will cause the questioner’s allies to perform as if bless were cast upon them for the next 8 hours. When the last, secretly determined consultation is over, the lost ark of the raiders will disappear in a whirlwind and reappear in a far-off dungeon or ruin, awaiting the culmination of a quest to discover it by noble raider warriors. Finally, if the ark is held off the ground and revealed to the allies of those that hold it, those allies who can see the upheld ark gain fast healing 1 and add +1 to their caster level.
When the last wall of the Hidden Temple of Yawa is destroyed, then the lost ark of the raiders will crumble to fine dust.