Linite: This shining silver metal is either incredibly hot or freezing cold when found. Linite is associated with evocation magic, artifice, and order. Forgewrights across Porphyra debate as to whether linite is a single substance created by the Maker of Ways or two similarly tinctured metals. When raw linite is found, it has a 50% chance of being hot linite or cold linite.

Physical contact with linite deals 1 point of energy damage (either fire or cold, as appropriate). Hot linite can eventually ignite objects, and cold linite in water quickly surrounds itself with a 1-foot-thick shell of ice. A weapon made of linite deals +1 point of damage of the appropriate energy type each time it strikes a foe, but also deals 1 point of the same energy damage to the wielder each round it is used in combat.

Likewise, linite armor deals 1 point of energy damage per round to a creature wearing it, and deals 1 point of energy damage each full round a creature is grappled by someone wearing linite armor. Cold linite armor grants fire resistance 5, while hot linite armor grants cold resistance 5. (The type of armor does not alter the amount of resistance granted.) Typically only creatures with natural resistance to fire or cold seek to use linite weapons or armor.

Type of Linite Item Item Cost Modifier
Armor +6,000 gp
Weapons +1,000 gp