Kleptomaniac’s Gloves
Aura faint transmutation; CL 3rd
Slot hands; Weight 1 lb
These simple calfskin gloves intensify the avaricious inclinations of their wearer. Kleptomaniac’s gloves confer the same +5 competence bonus on Sleight of Hand checks as gloves of larceny, but the first time the wearer attempts to take something from a given creature with a Sleight of Hand check, she must attempt another such check against that creature at the first available opportunity, whether or not the first attempt was successful. This increases the DC of the check by 10, as though the first attempt were a failure, and it imparts a –20 penalty on the check. Kleptomaniac’s gloves can be removed only after the wearer benefits from a remove curse spell or similar effect.
Intended Magic Item
gloves of larceny