Key of Iys
Slot none; Aura strong transmutation
CL 18th; Weight
This beautiful artifact is a large and ornate key, bejeweled and plated with precious metals that defy normal description. It was once the possession of Azimuth, half-elven wizardess without peer—it was given to her by her mother, one of the last of the sea elves of Porphyra, and the only artifact to survive the decimation of that race’s lost city, the fabled Sea-City of Iys. The key grants +1 to the owner’s arcane caster level, SR 18, and any spells with the water descriptor are automatically affected as by the Empower Spell metamagic feat, without changing the spell’s level or casting time. Upon command, it can radiate a 20 ft. bubble of effect identical to a helm of underwater action for air-breathing land-dwellers.

The holder can cast control water once per day, as well, though doing so next to a dike or harbor typically has unexpected consequences, usually affecting the structures as though an earthquake spell was cast. Legend has it that if placed in the lock of a city gate, the city will slowly sink in the ocean (if a port) or into the earth, to be replaced by a lake—and could not be withdrawn except by the owner of the key—thus the key is desired and feared by many in The Middle Kingdoms.
Anyone using the underwater action ability for more than 24 hours will not willingly leave the water again, while they live or the key continues to exist.
If a descendant of the last king of Iys stands in a graveyard and throws the key into a salt-water lake, the key will melt away—but the interred humanoids of the graveyard will reincarnate on the spot into sea elves.