Kekissendri the Bladed Cadence
The Lord of Dissonant Concord, the Anarch Wyrm
Worshipers: Anarchists, assassin guilds, rebels
Alignment: CN
Domains: Chaos, Community, Liberation, War
Subdomains: Family, Mayhem, Protean, Revolution
Favored Weapon: Scimitar
Favored Creature: Red wolf
Favored Instrument: Musical Saw


The Anarch Wyrm’s actions upon Porphyra began well before the Calling, continued well into the aftermath, and to the present day. A great serpent with scales formed of innumerable sword blades, crowned with a halo of swirling, broken metal, Kekissendri’s followers were key in aiding those mortals who dared rebel prior to the arrival of the Gods. Less interested in gaining followers of its own than in liberating the shackled subjects of the Elemental Lords, the Protean Lord of anarchists and rebels acted to erode the power and institutions of the Elemental Lords, with a specific hatred of Djinnlord Qarryn the Oppressor.

After a prolonged period of sabotage and assassinations at the hands of his cult, when Kekissendri eventually manifested, it did so in profound fashion in the midst of the burgeoning war between Deist forces and those of The Oppressor. Pouring forth from a hole in the sky with a cloud of shrieking proteans in its wake, it coiled around one of Qarryn’s lesser flying cities, devouring its nobles and soldiers as it wrenched the citadel from the skies and into the depths of the Sea of Almuut. What followed was a wild and seemingly irrational rampage from the Pinnacle Lands to the Birdman Mountains. It and its followers scattered and sacked dozens of cities and bedeviled as many vast armies in transit through the worst years of the NewGod wars, assaulting both Deist and Elemental forces alike. Only in the aftermath and after years of study did a pattern emerge: neither Deist nor Elemental matter to the Anarch Wyrm, only the taint of Law, and the same pattern continues among its followers to this day.


Kekissendri’s anarchist priests zealously emulate their patron’s servitor keketars and their crowns of blades rather than drifting symbols. Dressed in scarlet robes, they mark their faith either by painting their shaved heads with symbols in metallic ink or by actually piercing and embedding razors in their scalp. For all their zeal and occasional self-mortification, the Anarch Wyrm’s church takes pains to hide itself within nearly every populated land, fomenting revolution against those who misuse their power and supporting their enemies by word and by unpredictable deed.

Spell Preparation Ritual

Whisper a prayer to the Anarch Wyrm while holding a blade in your hands. Slowly run the blade along your lips, gracing the edge with your tongue, fully aware of the risk of injuring yourself. Any blood spilt is a lesson learned and a metaphor for the blood which must be shed in Kekissendri’s name.

Religion Traits

The following traits are available to followers of Kekissendri:

Anarch’s Cadence: Strike swift and strike hard, drawing the blood of the current order and its slaves. You gain a +1 trait bonus to attack and damage during surprise rounds.

Unseen Blade: The blade that strikes best is the blade whose hand is never seen. You gain a +1 trait bonus to Stealth, and Stealth is always a class skill for you.

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