Jassisifrax of the Echoing Emptiness
The Cry in the Wilderness
Worshipers: Writers, Missionaries, Orators
Alignment: CN
Domains: Charm, Chaos, Knowledge, Sun
Subdomains: Light, Love, Memory, Protean
Favored Weapon: Bladed scarf
Favored Creature: Butterfly
Favored Instrument: Triangle


Of its kindred, the Echoing Emptiness is one of the most abstract in appearance, and even his followers debate if his form is simply one of iconography or a physical reality. Described by his clerics deep in the throes of religious ecstasy or sculpted during periods of frenetic inspiration, Jassisifrax takes the form of a glowing, golden sphere of molten serpents surrounded by nested halos of arcane symbols. Perhaps only an aspect of a greater whole, this perceived image of the Cry in the Wilderness is said to blink like some great, serpentine eye.

A deeply philosophical and subtle entity, the Echoing Emptiness and his followers operate as theological propagandists and bards. By song, graffiti, letters and lies they espouse the virtues of Chaos primarily through words rather than blades or earthshaking cataclysms. In line with this favored method of action, the greatest artifacts of the faith comprise such objects as the Quill of Azhelephir and the Susurrant Tome. The first is a golden quill pen granting hallucinatory visual aphasia and periods of brilliant automatic writing, said to channel Jassisifrax himself while writing down piercing, brilliant and utterly believable lies. The latter object is a heavy, brass-bound librum said to contain the original, uncorrupted and unaltered text of any book placed under it. Both objects unfortunately were lost during the NewGod wars and his clergy still seek to regain them.


Clerics of the Echoing Emptiness are solitary, itinerant figures dressed in blue and yellow, moving as whimsy takes them, though this need not be assumed to be physical wandering. Writers and speakers, many of them spread their words by songs in listeners’ ears, notes scribbled in the margins of a scholar’s tome, and poetry chiseled into a king’s monument or the side of a god’s altar. Of course, the words need not be true to achieve their desired effect, leading to their disparaging yet grudgingly respectful name ‘The Slithering Liars’.

Spell Preparation Ritual

Beginning with the most powerful of your spells, down to the lowest orison or cantrip, take the first letter of each memorized incantation and compose a poem with each line starting with each of those letters. Understand that meaning and beauty comes from this simple creation even if only heard by yourself, but with each spell then cast, you impart a piece of this onto the world at large.

Religion Traits

The following traits are available to followers of Jassisifrax:
Bardic Virtuousity: Spoken, sung, or implied through the sounds of an instrument, your words are preternaturally effective in bolstering your allies or impacting your enemies. Once per day, you gain a +1 trait bonus to the effect of any applicable bardic performance.
Slithering Guile: Words are weapons wielded by the tongues of Jassisifrex’s followers. Once per day you gain a +2 trait bonus to either a Bluff or Diplomacy skill check.

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