Ice Ooze
With glacial speed, this transparent blue ooze stretches out a frosty pseudopod to grasp at you.

Ice Ooze (CR 3; XP 800)
N Large ooze
Init -5; Senses blindsight 60 ft.; Perception -5
Aura freezing cold (10 ft., F-DC 16)
AC 4, touch 4, flat-footed 4
(-5 Dex, -1 size)
hp 52 (7d8+21)
Fort +5, Ref -3, Will -3
Defensive Abilities ooze traits, split
Speed 10 ft., climb 10 ft.
Melee slam +7 (1d6+3 plus 1d4 cold)
Space 10 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
Special Attacks engulf (R-DC 1d4 cold and freezing cold)
Str 17, Dex 1, Con 17, Int —, Wis 1, Cha 1
Base Atk +5; CMB +9; CMD 14 (can’t be tripped)
Skills Climb +11
SQ transparent
Environment cold
Organization solitary
Treasure incidental
Special Abilities
Freezing Cold (Su) The air around an ice ooze is extremely frigid. All within 10 feet of the ice ooze, who lack cold immunity, must make a Fortitude save DC 16 or suffer a -2 penalty to all attacks, saves, and skill checks until they leave the area. The save DC is Constitution-based.
Split (Ex) If attacked with fire, an ice ooze will ignore up to 10 hp of fire damage, and split into two adult ice oozes, each with half of the orignal’s current hit poins. No further division or heat absorption can take place for one month.
Transparent (Ex) Due to its light blue colouration, an ice ooze is difficult to discern in cold and snow-laden environments. A DC 15 Perception check is required to notice a motionless ice ooze. Any creature that fails to notice an ice ooze and walks into it is automatically engulfed.

Ice oozes spend much of their time in a stasis-like state to conserve energy. They are very hard to detect, as they appear to be a coating of ice upon the ground, wall, rock surface or even tree. They are stirred to action by the presence of heat within their blindsight. Though they live in cold climates, they are not immune to cold, nor are they vulnerable to fire. In fact, if subjected to fire magic, an ice ooze will reproduce asexually into two identical adult oozes.

On Porphyra
When the Ice Tyrant held domain over the Ice Giants and Frost Giants of the Northlands, he used his divinity to bring ice ooze into existence by combining the essence of a slime with that of a water elemental. Too small a creature to be a threat to his giant forces, the ice ooze, though mindless, were very effective at destroying humanoid encampments and boltholes.