Horn of Olifant
Slot none; Aura strong abjuration and conjuration
CL 20th; Weight 3 lbs.
There are twelve of these enchanted horns in existence, said to be made from the curved horns of a species of unicorn not native to Porphyra. A horn of olifant is typically known by the name of its possessor, as, Ronald’s horn of olifant. They are all strongly aligned to lawful good, and act as a stone of weight to any being of any other alignment; a remove curse spell will allow them to be rid of a horn of olifant, though they are nigh-indestructible. To a lawful good character, a horn of olifant bestows a +2 resistance bonus to saving throws, and a constant protection from evil effect. To a paladin or (cavalier of lawful good alignment), a horn of olifant has the power to summon 2d6 paladins of 3rd level, as a horn of Valhalla—that is, once every seven days. As well, the horn can be blown by a paladin to dispel evil once per day.
The owner of a horn of olifant may not willingly retreat from combat, though he may let fleeing enemies retreat.
A horn of olifant is sundered in half if the owning paladin is reduced to 0 Constitution in the round after it is blown.