Hit Points (hp): Hit points are an abstraction to show how healthy a creature is at the current moment.

To determine a creature's hit points, multiply its number of Hit Dice by the average dice value (2.5 for d4, 3.5 for d6, 4.5 for d8, 5.5 for d10, and 6.5 for d12). A creature gains maximum hit points if its first Hit Die roll is for a character class level. Creatures whose first Hit Die comes from an NPC class or from his race determine their first Hit Die normally.

To determine a character's hit points, the player rolls for hit points or takes the average dice value (whichever is higher) for each hit dice. A character gains maximum hit points if their first Hit Die is a character class level.

Wounds subtract hit points, while healing (both natural and magical) restores hit points. Some abilities and spells grant temporary hit points that disappear after a specific duration. When a creature's hit points drop below 0, it becomes unconscious. When a creature's hit points reach a negative total equal to its Constitution score, it dies.