The Swift Messenger, The Shepherd, The Speedy Taker
Worshippers: Iskandari, Jheriaks, merchants
Alignment: Neutral
Domains: Death, Rune, Travel, Trickery
Subdomains: Language, Psychopomp, Trade, Thievery
Favored Weapon: longsword
Favored Animal: rooster
Favored Instrument: lyre

Hermes shares most of His history with His consort and partner Hecate, leaving behind considerable deific power in a different Material Plane to assume a subsidiary role as an Usher of the psychopomps and vassalhood to Ereshkigal, the Pale Empress and ruler of the transitioning dead and the race of psychopomp outsiders. The most vibrant and joyous of the Ushers, Hermes presents a handsome figure, frequently represented in statuary in Iskandar- even in the Jheriak Continuance, where Hermes’ physical perfection is much vaunted. Hermes protects the lesser-regarded merchant and scholar classes in the Continuance, and his smiling presence as the harbinger of Death gives pause to bullying-minded Jheriak toughs. He is much more straightforward than his consort, a practical being that promotes prosaic acts- even the acts of thievery. Thieves’ guilds in Iskandar and many other nations declare Hermes their patron, as they know that a clumsy or foolish thief is frequently a dead one, and thieves, even a divine one like Hermes, take care of their own, even unto the afterlife. Several legends (both pre-Calling and post) of Hermes have Him defeating vast undead and monstrous menaces, making Him likely to have taken more of a part in the NewGods War conflict than any other of the Ushers, giving Him an honorary position among their number.

Skandari and Continuance clerics of Hermes dress in loose robes displaying well-toned bodies, and almost all of his adherents are male, transgendered or two-spirited. They are also known by their beautiful masks of gold and their likewise golden swords (poorer clerics may substitute bronze, if necessary). Though their statuary is widespread, they rarely establish shrines, and are constantly on the move, a theological edict of their order. They are welcome to stay at any thieves’ guild or financial institution, and always know where they are located; the latter are likely prone to making donations to the Hermetians to prevent harassment from the former. They also share shrines with the order of Hecate occasionally, and a funeral, especially for a notable person, typically has one cleric of each order present.

Spell Preparation Ritual
Followers of Hermes pick and pray over fresh flowers, invoking their patron Usher, and then burn the blossoms, making an offering; those who are traveling where flowers are not accessible bring dried blooms for this purpose. Some Hermetians prefer a divine focus of a snake coiled around a staff instead of the Usher- normative mask.

Religion Traits
The following religion traits may be taken by worshippers of this Usher.

Speed of the Departing Spirits (Hermes): When inspired, you can move as swift as a departing soul. Once per day, you can add 10 ft. to your movement speed.

Merchant’s Friend, Thief’s Friend (Hermes): “Autolycus, good to see you! The headstone business doing well?”. You gain +1 to Appraise and Knowledge (local), and one of these skills becomes a class skill for you.

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