Hellstone: The feathermen claim that hellstone is a gift given to the people by their lord Eshsalqua. This metal is blue-green and glows with great power that can poison those who sample of its might for too long or two directly. Hellstone is associated with conjuration magic and artistic passion. Hellstone functions as steel when used to craft weapons and armor, but anyone who carries or wears hellstone arms or armor becomes sickened for as long as the gear is carried or worn, plus an additional 1d4 hours after it is removed. Likewise, a character in an area with heavy concentrations of hellstone becomes sickened as long as he remains in the area. This is a poison effect.

Weapons and armor made from hellstone glow with an intensity equal to that of a candle. Scholars have long debated where the glow and associated sickening effect come from, but most agree that the source of the power comes from the Dark Patron himself. Hellstone weapons are treated as masterwork weapons and are able to bypass the damage reduction of azatas. Armor are considered masterwork as well.

Hellstone can also be powdered and alchemically distilled with other rare catalysts and chemicals to form a much more potent toxin. A pound of Hellstone is enough to make 1 dose of hellstone powder.

Hellstone Powder: Poison—ingested; save Fortitude DC 18; onset 10 minutes; frequency 1/minute for 6 minutes; effect 1d4 Con plus nausea; cure 2 saves; Cost 900 gp.

Type of Hellstone Item Cost Modifier
Armor +300 gp
Weapons +600 gp