The Crone, Key-Maiden, Our Lady of Witches
Worshippers: Iskandari, Jheriaks, witches
Alignment: Neutral
Domains: Death, Magic, Neutrality, Plant
Subdomains: Arcane, Balance, Decay, Psychopomp
Favored Weapon: dagger
Favored Animal: viper
Favored Instrument: none

In the theology of the world of origin for the Landed nations of Iskandar and the Jheriak Continuance, Hecate and Hermes were wedded demigods that jointly presided over funeral customs, with Hecate established as a primordial patron of witchcraft. When those nations were wrenched from their world through the machinations of greater and more powerful deities (Yolana and Fenris Kul) The Blessed Guides made the deific sacrifice to follow, albeit in a lesser capacity, as Ushers for the race of outsider beings known as psychopomps, servants of the dimension-spanning Queen of Death, Ereshkigal. Hecate found as secure a niche as She could on Porphyra, mindful to not step on the portfolios of Yolana, patroness of Iskandar, nor aggravate the mercurial Fenris Kul. Neither deity being particularly interested in magic, herbalism or witchcraft, Hecate has become a steadfast supporter of that discipline, as well as championing Neutrality in all things, not a popular position on Porphyra. She is not without passion, though, and supports champions of the Balance, that ephemeral shadow-Energy that has intruded many times in affairs on the Patchwork Planet.

Statues and small shrines to Hecate are common in Iskandar, less so in the Continuance, and the Blessed Guides are the most formally and socially present of Ereshkigal’s Ushers, being as they serve civilized and urban human nations (debatable with regards to the Continuance). Hecate’s celebrants are female, as Hermes’s are male, and they often travel together to maximize their usefulness. They also maintain small herb gardens near their shrines, and advise passers-by as to their efficacy and potency, selling useful concoctions to support themselves and any special causes they might have. The Three-Faced Women possess secrets of Magic that they reveal to few, and have a reputation for duplicity that likely comes from their devotion to the Balance; and it is in the name of the Balance, and by the bidding of Ereshkigal, that they might travel abroad,

Spell Preparation Ritual
The Three-Faced Women create complex herbal infusions when they prepare their spells (and as They prefer to be underground when doing so, but a hut or shallow cave will do in a pinch. In larger areas, they do so in groups of three, and list the occasions of undead they have defeated.

Religion Traits
The following religion traits may be taken by worshippers of this Usher.

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble… (Hecate): “…fire burn and cauldron bubble!”. Potions you create yourself cost 10% less.

Riddles and Affairs of Death (Hecate): “…And that distilled by magic sleights/ shall raise such artificial sprites…”. You gain a +1 trait bonus to all saving throws required from attacks by undead.

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