Aura faint to moderate conjuration; CL 4th (minor, lesser), 5th (greater, major)
Slot none; Price 100 gp (minor), 500 gp (lesser), 1,000 gp (greater), 1,500 gp (major); Weight
These fragments of the stuff of the Realms Beyond plane of Heaven appear as finger-sized chunks of some glowing yellow stone; minor heavenshards give off the light of a candle, major heavenshards that of a bright lantern. These items, based on their potency, can relieve a number of
conditions plaguing their possessor, much like the heavenly power of paladin mercies. Each heavenshard can be keyed by the owner to be triggered automatically when the owner is afflicted by one of the conditions it can relieve, or it can be activated as a move action to relieve a specific one. According to the list below, a shard can relieve conditions beside the shard level, or any condition beneath it by a lesser level.

  • Minor: fatigued, shaken, sickened
  • Lesser: dazed, staggered
  • Greater: exhausted, frightened, nauseated
  • Major: blinded, deafened, paralyzed, stunned

When a heavenshard has been used once, it crumbles away into fine dust.
Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, hero’s defiance, creator must be good, Cost 50 gp (minor), 250 gp (lesser), 500 gp (greater), 750 gp (major)