The hauntwood is exactly what one might expect from its name. Usually found in swamps and marshland, these trees bear pale grey bark that at first glance appears brittle, but is surprisingly firm and difficult to break off from a healthy hauntwood. This is due to its thick adhesive sap, which hardens into a tough, rubbery layer just underneath the bark. Their foliage is similar to that of a willow, but is much more sparse and hair-like, often tangling into sheets that resemble dirty linen hanging from their limbs. In spite of their tough bark, the wood is soft and easy to cut or burrow through, making the trees ideal homes for insect colonies, while smaller insectivores such as spiders and toads stay in the branches and around the roots. Porphyran hauntwood is found in Avandrool (and used extensively by the grippli there), the Mires of Ashael, and is a brisk export from the Sowton Moors in southern Geranland.
Hauntwood is highly conductive of magical energies, particularly those of illusion and necromancy, and is often used to form paper for spellbooks, but is too soft to function well for weaponry or armor. Its bark, however, is a substance quite suitable for armor and shields should large enough pieces be pried from a tree, and is just as magically conductive as the heartwood.

Equipment crafted from hauntwood bark grant those wearing them some nominal protection from spells from the illusion and necromancy schools, granting a bonus on saves against such effects equal to the armor or shield’s enhancement bonus. In addition, they provide damage reduction of 1 against damage from illusion and necromancy effects. Witches wearing hauntwood armor receive the added benefit of increasing the DC of their hexes by 1; however, they must wear such armor with care, since it could still interfere with the somatic components of their spells.

Hauntwood can be used to craft any light or medium armor or shield that could be made of either wood or metal, but not leather or cloth, and it cannot be used to craft weapons or heavy armor. Equipment crafted out of hauntwood has three-quarters its normal hit points and is always masterwork quality. Because it is wood, any equipment crafted from hauntwood is suitable for druids to use.

Type of Item
Item Price Modifier
Light armor +1,500 gp
Medium armor +4,000 gp
Shield +500 gp