Half-Medusa Racial Characteristics1
All half-medusa characters possess the following racial characteristics.

  • +2 Constitution, +2 Charisma, -2 Wisdom: Half-medusa are hearty and alluring, but are often short-sighted in their designs.
  • Medium: Half-medusa are medium creatures with no penalties or bonuses due to size.
  • Normal Speed: Half-medusa have a base speed of 30 ft.
  • Darkvision: Half-medusa can see perfectly in the dark up to 60 feet.
  • Dual Minded: Half-medusa gain a +2 bonus on all Will saving throws.
  • Hypnotic: Half-medusa add +1 to the DC for all saving throws against spells or effects they cast that inflict the fascinated condition. Once per day, when a creature rolls a saving throw against such as an effect from a half-medusa, the half-medusa can force that creature to reroll the saving throw and use the second result, even if it is worse.
  • Medusa Blood: Half-medusa count as humans, medusa and monstrous humanoids for any effect related to race.
  • Snake Eyes: Half-medusa stare with an implacable intensity. They gain a +2 racial bonus on Intimidate checks.
  • Snake Hair: Half-medusa possess a nest of living snakes in place of hair, gaining a +2 racial bonus on Perception checks and a +2 bonus to AC against flanking opponents.
  • Languages: Half-medusa begin play speaking Common and the Medusa dialect. Half-medusa with high Intelligence scores can choose from the following: Aklo, Draconic, Giant, and Cyclops.