Physical Description: Harpidite look mostly human, with a few notable exceptions. They tend to be androgynously beautiful, with none of the harpy’s ugliness evident. However, when they smile, a row of needle sharp teeth appear behind their lips.

Harpidite tend to be lithe with light bodies, as if adapted for flight. However, flight is a gift denied them; the wings on their back are small and vestigial. They may move their wings, but they are far too small to generate any sort of lift. Many harpidite bind their wings down behind their back, in an attempt to appear more human.

A harpidite has light, downy feathers over much of its body, particularly on its legs and around its face. Unlike its harpy parent, however, the harpy has a generally human gait, and stands straight. It is harder to conceal its long, clawed feet than its wings, though, and harpidite must either have specially made oversized shoes or cloak them with illusions like Aellomone does when performing.
The harpidite inherits the same ethnic traits of its father, but (obviously) has the same avian features as its mother. If the mother was vulture-like, so too is the harpidite vulture-esque. Harpidite also carry the vague scent of harpy musk on them, which they may try and conceal with heavy perfumes. Either way, a harpidite can expect to have a robust smell: either their musk, or an overpowering perfume.

Half-Harpy Racial Characteristics1
Half-harpy player characters are defined by class levels—they do not possess racial hit dice. All half-harpy player characters possess the following racial characteristics.

  • +2 Dexterity, +2 Charisma, -2 Constitution: Harpidite inherit their mothers’ light structures but also their frail bones. Additionally, they inherit a natural talent with music and a natural melodious voice.
  • Medium: Harpidite are Medium creatures and have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
  • Normal Speed: Harpidite have a base speed of 30 feet.
  • Darkvision: Harpidite can see in the dark up to 60 feet.
  • Mildly Empathic: Harpidite have good intuition about the emotions and thoughts of other people, tapping into their moods. They receive a +2 racial bonus on Sense Motive skill checks, and they always treat Sense Motive as a class skill, due to this minor empathy.
  • Birdsong Voice: The harpidite’s voice is an instrument itself, being able to command an incredible range and melt even the hardest of hearts. Half-harpies receive a +2 racial bonus on Perform (sing) skill checks.
  • Enthralling Song: Half-harpies add +1 to the DC of spells they cast with the sonic descriptor or spells of the charm subschool. In addition, half-harpies with a Charisma of 12 or higher may use enthrall twice per day as a spell-like ability (caster level is equal to the half-harpy’s character level). The DC for enthrall is equal to 12 + the half-harpy’s Charisma modifier.
  • Harpy Blood: Harpidite count as both humans and harpies for any effect related to race.
  • Weapon Familiarity: Harpidite treat any weapon with the word “harpy” in its name as a martial weapon.
  • Languages: Half-harpies begin play speaking Common. Harpidite with high Intelligence scores can choose any languages they want (except secret languages, such as Druidic).