Great Green
“It has been a primordial sanctuary, a nurturing mother and a lethal teacher. Solace can be found within the Great Green, but it must be earned.” – Lathenola Galetine, Warden of the East

Capital: Sil’arden
Settlements: Est’Arden (12,000), Galet’Arden (14,000), Sil’Arden (25,000)
Ruler: Queen Nisenlensia Qul’lenth
Government: Monarchy
Races: Anumus, Catfolk, Elf, Feykissed, Forlarren, Gathlain, Grippli, Half-Elf, Kitsune, Oakling, Saurian, Taddol
Faiths: Chiuta, Djinnlord Qarryn, Enor Ashlord, Ithreia, Mâl, Poison Wave, Saren
Resources: Furs, lumber
Languages: Boggard, Catfolk, Common, Draconic, Elven, Sylvan, Taddol
Border Conditions: Limited (porphyrite border limits access to Iffud and Morah’silvanath)

Long before The Calling brought about the NewGod Wars, long before the Elemental Lords rose to power, the Heartwood, later known as Ele’Silvathiel, dominated the world. Here the Elven Kingdoms rose, tree city expanses that sprawled for square miles. In the diary of Milann the Explorer:

“…I’ve been a full cycle of the moon below the boughs of the Heartwood and though I’ve traversed miles of this magnificent kingdom, my feet have nary touched the soil…”

In the ancient centuries of the past, in the unspoiled heart of the Green, sat the Oaken Throne, and upon it, The Greenlord. The Elemental Lords saw the ancient, powerful Treant King as a convenient viceroy, and he was the ultimate authority within the living kingdom of the Heartwood. For though the elves, gathlain and forest saurians could manipulate or use the environment to fulfill their needs, the Greenlord was the land. The treants were to the earth and the forest what the servant Giants were to the elements of Stone, Fire, Frost and Cloud.

The elves in those days had more passion, a slowly burning desire to rule themselves, and decide their own, long-lived destiny. Rebels and outcasts from the Kingdom of the Treant went north to the forbidden Plaguelands of Azagor, and there created the race of half-orcs, spurring the genesis of the world-shaking Calling. In the Heartwood itself, shortly before the elves and the orcs created the Calling, forces there began their own rebellion. In the sacred tome, the Greenbook of Galen Oakcast, the Silvathae lorekeeper wrote of the Elemental Uprising, the Ash Wars, and the coming of Cormath Qul. The elementalists of the southern Heartwood were of a particularly violent schism opposed to the ways of the orthodox zendiqi. Born of elven and a mix of all four elemental-kin, the warlord Qul raised a great army to march upon the Oaken Throne, and challenge the Greenlord. The Elemental Lords were paralyzed with indecision on the matter, which probably aided in their own destined downfall.

In the final battle, Cormath Qul brought to bear the Shalizur, the Spear of Living Flame, casting aside the treant homeguard. He struck at the Greenlord, leaving smoldering wounds that boiled the living sap of the great Treant King. Cormath drove the Greenlord back, setting alight the living throne. The ashen area is known today as Cormath’s Keep, where the forest will never regrow; Qul promised the burning would only begin with the Throne and the King, even as the Greenlord begged to spare the forest. It is then that the Greenlord reached into his own chest and tore out his wooden heart, and impaled Cormath with the living spear while Shalizur spat and sputtered, unable to scorch the Heartwood Spear. Thus ended the rule of the last Greenlord, and made the great forest a no-man’s land for the two NewGod War forces.

The Heartwood would heal, become the nation of elves, Ele’Silvathiel, under the leadership of the Qul family dynasty, all but the site of the Greenlord’s death, the ruined framework that is visited by the monarch each year. Elven memories are long, though, and some speak of a return of the Greenlord, from the land of the Tree-Herds. They speak of a shard of the last Oaklord’s spear remaining, the Heartwood Staff, that it will surface and lead one worthy to the ruined Oaken Throne.

Current Events
The Great Green still dominates much of Porphyra, providing a home to many sylvan peoples. The elven nation of Ele’Silvanath is the largest, and races such as the gathlain, catfolk and kitsune pay homage and tribute, gaining the ear of the Queen and the arms of the Knights. The Ivy Throne wisely relegates lands near her borders to the non-elven races, a buffer to aggression. Each of the great cities of the elves is responsible for the forest around it, and hold to the edicts of the Ivy

Though seeking to keep the Green as it was under the fabled Greenlord, the elves are pressed constantly. In the aftermath of The Calling and the NewGod Wars, many new threats have arisen. Parl Pardesh constantly fells trees for lumber on the south border, and their camps are often a lure for skirmishes. The Fourlanders to the east are less aggressive, but have no love of elves or sylvan folk. Perhaps a more sinister invasion is that of necrotic blight. Necromantic cults, typically of Mâlite druids, have become a constant threat to the Heartwood, as they seek to pervert and twist the
abundant life energies found within the Green.

The major settlements of the Great Green are:

  • Est’Arden is the home to the Order of the Green Wardens, the rangers and hunters of Ele’Silvathiel that are tasked with patrolling the borders and far reaches of the Green. It is also the traditional winter home of the Knights of the Holly. The Knights are the elite of the elven military, and within the Order, those who bear the Willow Bow serve the Queen as personal bodyguard. Watchtowers on the highest trees keep close eye on the Pardeshi, and report to the high-walled city in the wooded hills.
  • Galet’Arden serves as a center for scholarly pursuits within Ele’Silvathiel, and supplies the Queen’s summer palace on the Green Sea. Along with the colleges of arcane study, there are many temples to the New Gods, as the long-lived elves still see deism as a new fad. Galet’Arden is the city most outsiders visit, and as such is more cosmopolitan and foreign-influenced.
  • Sil’Arden is the home of the Ivy Throne from which Nisenlensia Qul’lenth holds court. The elven queen is served by the Sylvan Council, where any race within the Green may give voice to their concerns. Sil’arden is primal in its traditions, possibly being the oldest continuously inhabited city on Porphyra, even if a city of carved trees and forest-bound towers.


  • A remarkably tolerant Siwathu ambassador has disappeared from his quarters in Galet’Arden; if his whereabouts are not discreetly discovered and his person restored, the zendiqi may cross the Scrublands to exact vengeance.
  • A gathlain vagabond has brought rumors from the Herds of the Treants of sightings of the Heartwood Staff, that last shard of Shalizur wielded by Cormath Qul. The Ivy Throne is very interested in confirming these rumors- but to what end?
  • The northern quarters of the Green is seeing the genesis of a grim conflict; elementalist cultists of the antevocial Four Winds sect against the Mâlite druids of the Blighted Coven. Though the Ivy Throne is content to let them destroy one another, the priests of Saren are frantically trying to recruit agents to sabotage the apocalyptic strategies soon to be used by both sides.

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