There are 7 archdevils in Porphyra.
Archdevil AL Worshippers* Domains Subdomains Favored Weapon Favored Animal
Duchess Hadriel LE unmarried female aristocrats, social climbers, bureaucrats Charm, Evil, Law Captivation, Corruption, Devil Sickle Eagle
Duke Ibolis LE hermits, misanthropes, schizophrenics Darkness, Evil, Law Corruption, Devil, Loss any (selected at 1st level) None
Duke Mastema LE gladiators, mercenaries, privateers Destruction, Evil, Law Devil, Judgement, Torture Bastard sword Tiger
Duke Melektus LE architects, doctors, courtiers and sadists, necromancers Evil, Healing, Law Devil, Loyalty, Medicine Lance Leech
Lord Sathax LE all devil-worshippers, lawful evil rulers and aristocrats Evil, Knowledge, Law, Nobility Aristocracy, Blackmail, Devil, Tyranny Heavy flail Emperor cobra
Prince Kram-Hotep LE bankers, builders, slavers Artifice, Cold, Evil, Law Fear, Industry, Slavery Whip King crab
The Chained Queen LE police, jailers, bounty hunters Community, Evil, Law Betrayal, cooperation-subdomain, Devil Garrote Bloodhound

Elemental Lords

There are 12 elemental lords worshipped in the Lands of Porphyra
Elemental Lord AL Worshippers* Domains Subdomains Favored Weapon Favored Animal
Ashamar Shining NE Glassblowers,gemcutters, weaponsmiths Artifice, Evil, Fire, Protection Construct, Defense, Retaliation, Toil Blowgun Glass snake
Djinnlord Qarryn LE Gnolls, slavers, sphinx Air, Animal, Evil, Law Clouds, Feather, Loyalty, Slavery Quarterstaff Great horned owl
Drothos CE Fire giants, mountain folk, pyromaniacs Earth, Evil, Fire, Magic Arcane, Arson, Caves, Fear Flamberge Thoqqua
Enor Ashlord LE Ash giants, druids, northern zendiqi Earth, Evil, Law, Plant Ash, Growth, Home, Tyranny Grape hook (as kukri) Panther
Firelord Mal’eket CE Antipaladins, efreeti, warlords Chaos, Charm, Evil, Fire Entropy, Fear, Lust, Smoke Falchion Bull
Ice Tyrant CE Frost giants, northern barbarian, ith’n ya’roo Evil, Strength, War, Water Blood, Fear, Ferocity, Ice Warhammer Polar bear
Kurofu the Shadow CE Oni, samaran, tengu Air, Darkness, Death, Evil Loss, Murder, Night, Oni Chakram Crow
Lord Grunzol Firestorm LE Giants, lizardfolk, nomads Evil, Fire, Law, Sun Day, Fear, Light, Loyalty Spiked armor Horned lizard
Najim NE Derro, sentient oozes; potentially astronomers, inventors, seekers of forbidden knowledge Artifice, Earth, Knowledge, Void Dark Tapestry, Metal, Stars, Thought Aklys Firefly
Poison Wave NE Aquatic humanoids, explorers, pirates Evil, Travel, Water, Weather Exploration, Oceans, Seasons, Trade Harpoon Marlin
S’sluun, Naga Empress LE Naga, royalty, serpentfolk Evil, Nobility, Scalykind, Water Devil, Dragon, Leadership, Naga Sawtooth sabre Water moccasin
Wind of Jewels NE Desert dwellers, nomads, treasure hunters Air, Evil, Luck, Repose Ancestors, Curse, Fate, Wind Shuriken Golden eagle

* It goes without saying that the zendiqi people and elementals still worship the elemental lords and receive divine gifts from them even though the Elemental Lords were defeated in the NewGod Wars.


There are 27 gods in the lands of Porphyra. Three matching each of the nine alignment paths.

Name AL Worshippers Domains Subdomains Favored Weapon Favored Animal
Aleria LG Gardeners, healers, lovers Charm, Good, Healing, Plant Archon, Growth, Love, Restoration Starknife Meadowlark
Chiuta N River and seaside dwellers Animal, Plant, Repose, Water Ancestors, Decay, Feather, Souls Sickle Crocodile
Eshsalqua LE Entertainers, gangsters, lawyers Animal, Art, Law, Trickery Deception, Devil, Feather, Sound Switchblade knife Mockingbird
Fenris Kul NE Madmen, suicidal fanatics, terrorists Destruction, Evil, Strength, Trickery Daemon, Ferocity, Rage, Thievery Battleaxe Vulture
Ferrakus N Earthbound races, miners, stonecrafters Earth, Fire, Luck, Strength Ash, Caves, Curse, Ferocity Heavy Pick Mole
Gerana LG Honest citizens, knights, rulers Community, Earth, Glory, Nobility Archon, Heroism, Honor, Leadership Warhammer Heavy Warhorse
Ithreia LN Druids, fishermen, hunters Air, Animal, Water, Weather Feather, Ice, Storms, Wind Pilum Gyrfalcon, snowy owl, whale
Kamus LE Merchants lords, slavers, xenophobes Artifice, Law, Sun, Travel Light, Slavery, Toil, Trade Spiked chain Horse
Linium LN Craftsmen, lawmakers, wizards Artifice, Fire, Law, Rune Construct, Inevitable, Language, Smoke Light hammer Scarlet spider
Lyvalia NE Bureaucrats, opportunists, politicians Charm, Knowledge, Nobility, Trickery Deception, Leadership, Love, Memory Fighting fan Viper
Mâl CE Apocalyptic cults, evil druids, mâlites Chaos, Destructionl, Evil, Plant Catastrophe, Decay, Protean, Rage Resin blade (scorpion whip) None
Myketa N Soldiers and their families Community, Darkness, Time, War Family, Loss, Tactics, Past Longspear Dog
Nemyth Vaar CN Fallen knights, mercenaries, outcasts Chaos, Death, Earth, Madness Demon, Metal, Murder, Nightmare Bastard sword Vaar's Raven
Neria NG Advisors, musicians, visionaries Art, Good, Luck, Knowledge Agathion, Fate, Memory, Sound Sling staff Wolf
Nise CN Pirates, sailors, soldiers Air, War, Water, Weather Blood, Ice, Storms, Wind Cutlass Seahawk
Paletius NG Bards, scholars, wizards Knowledge, Magic, Rune, Sun Arcane, Divine, Thought, Wards Morningstar Eagle
Rajuk Amon-Gore CE Assassins, doomsayers, necromancers Art, Chaos, Death, Evil Demon, Devil, Movement, Undead Short sword Death’s head hawkmoth
Rolterra LE Rabble rousers, revolutionaries Liberation, Magic, Time, Travel Arcane, Exploration, Future, Revolution Scythe Barn owl
Saren CG Druids, foresters, sylvan creatures Animal, Charm, Chaos, Plant Azata, Fur, Lust, Growth Greatclub Boar
Shade NE Assassins, criminals, thieves Darkness, Death, Luck, Trickery Fate, Murder, Night, Thievery Kukri Rat
Shankhil LN Farmers, judges, morticians Darkness, Repose, Sun, Weather Ancestors, Day, Moon, Seasons Scizore Dove
Tulis CG Slaves, the oppressed, the poor Liberation, Nobility, Protection, Strength Defense, Freedom, Martyr, Purity Longsword Cattle
Toma Thule LG City officials, nobility, paladins Artifice, Community, Law, Nobility Archon, Home, Leadership, Toil Warhammer Lion
Ul’Ul CN Artists, dancers, farmers, madmen Art, Chaos, Madness, Weather Insanity, Movement, Protean, Storms Bladed scarf Butterfly
Veiloaria NG Adventurers, innkeepers, travelers Air, Earth, Travel, Water Clouds, Exploration, Oceans, Trade Quarterstaff Common swift
Vortain CE Addicts, anarchists, drug merchants Chaos, Madness, Travel, Trickery Deception, Demon, Insanity, Trade Flail Hyena
Yolana CG Freedom fighters, historians, spies Knowledge, Liberation, Protection, Time Defense, Future, Memory, Revolution Sai Scorpion

Protean Lords

There are 12 protean lords worshipped in the Lands of Porphyra.

Name AL Worshippers Domains Subdomains Favored Weapon Favored Animal
Amaelianesses the Lilting Song in the Aftermath CN Farmers, healers, artisans Chaos, Healing, Protection, Sun Day, Defense, Protean, Restoration Longspear King Snake
A’sevelix the Devouring Obsequies CN Dragons, executioners, iconoclasts Chaos, Death, Destructionl, Scalykind Catastrophe, Dragon, Murder, Protean Scythe None
Jassisifrax the Echoing Emptiness CN Writers, missionaries, orators Charm, Chaos, Knowledge, Sun Light, Love, Memory, Protean Bladed scarf Butterfly
Kekissendri the Bladed Cadence CN Anarchists, assassin guilds, rebels Chaos, Community, Liberation, War Family, Mayhem, Protean, Revolution Scimitar Red wolf
Ressiheksis the sybil’s Song CN Ascetics, scholars, seers Chaos, Knowledge, Rune, Void Intuition, Isolation, Language, Protean Quarterstaff Locust
Sessenaileama the Deafening Howl in the Exordium CN Arsonists, martyrs, soldiers Chaos, Darkness, Destructionl, Fire Ash, Night, Protean, Rage Greatsword Coral Snake
Solekniamendra the Rapacious Hymnody CN Saboteurs, burrowing creatures, lepers Chaos, Darkness, Destructionl, Earth Catastrophe, Caves, Loss, Protean knuckle-axe Rat
Vestrivissia the Mocking Canticle CN Adventurers, gamblers, thieves Chaos, Luck, Glory, Trickery Curse, Deception, Heroism, Protean Rapier Mockingbird
Y’malikorim the Silent Susurrus CN Alchemists, constructs, craftsmen Artifice, Chaos, Magic, Trickery Arcane, Construct, Deception, Protean Light hammer Crow
Y’Tinasni the Inchoate Exultation CN Artists, astrologers, madmen Chaos, Madness, Water, Void Insanity, Oceans, Protean, Stars Morningstar Jellyfish
Zaelendris the Lament of Whispering Wounds CN Ghosts, undertakers, necromancers Chaos, Death, Magic, Repose Divine, Murder, Protean, Souls light pick Whippoorwill
Zelasindrillis the Unplaced Harmony CN Bards, flyers, illuminati, wanderers Air, Chaos, Magic, Travel Exploration, Protean, Wild Magic, Wind Composite longbow Dragonfly

Psychopomp Ushers

There are 8 psychopomp ushers recognized on Porphyra. Psychopomp ushers are always neutral.

Name Al Worshippers Domains Subdomains Favored Weapon Favored Animal
Anguta N Ith’n ya’roo, coastal barbarians, Sikoyans Animal, Death, Strength, Water Ferocity, Fur, Ice, Psychopomp hooked axe dog (husky)
Anubis N Anpur, gnolls, zendiqi Death, Protection, Repose, War Ancestors, Defense, Psychopomp, Tactics flail jackal
Black Crow N Disaffected youth, oracles, victims of crime, tengu Art, Darkness, Death, Madness Loss, Nightmare, Sound, Psychopomp pistol (firearm) or shortbow crow or raven
Ereshkigal N Cultists, exiled drow, the elderly Death, Earth, Neutrality, Time Balance, Caves, Past, Psychopomp battleaxe burrowing owl
The Ghost in the Machine N Artificers, boggles, tinker gnomes, technologists Artifice, Death, Knowledge, Neutrality Construct, Indifference, Memory, Psychopomp gnome pincher swallow
The Guedia N Non-zendiqi Porphyrans, brujo Charm, Community, Death, Neutrality Family,Indifference, Lust, Psychopomp monk’s spade horse
Hecate N Iskandari, Jheriaks, witches Death, Magic, Neutrality, Plant Arcane, Balance, Decay, Psychopomp dagger viper
Hermes N Iskandari, Jheriaks, merchants Death, Rune, Travel, Trickery Language, Psychopomp, Trade, Thievery longsword rooster